A Multidisciplinary Approach to Free You from Pain
July, 2012 - Issue #93

In front of a classically-styled stone-masoned building on Lyons Avenue reads a sign: Unruh Spine Center. The body-in-motion logo, tag line ("Freedom to Move: For Life") and gold-standard reputation (the Center's namesake, Dr. Chace Unruh, has regularly been cited as the SCV's favorite chiropractor since he opened his practice in 2002) may lead you to believe that this is the place to be for back pain. You'd be right - and, in a way, wrong. There's much more to the Center than chiropractic services.

A quick tour of the Unruh Spine Center is the best way to understand just how complete an integrated medical office can be. In one comfortably-appointed room you'll find a digital motion x-ray, able to obtain not just a static image of an injured area, but its functionality in motion. A K-laser holds court in another area, ready to speed healing and reduce inflammation to chronic injuries. Walk through the impressive 1,500-square-foot physical therapy space and past more than 20 private patient rooms to the Pulse Electric Magnetic Therapy (PEMT) machine, where clients swear by the treatment's ability to "suck out" inflammation and pain. The newest DRX algorithm-loaded treatment area removes pressure from painful necks and backs in life-changing 30-minute sessions, which can only be beat in the "brevity" department by the near-painless blood screenings for diabetes and high cholesterol.

But technology, even the "best of the best" found at the Unruh Spine Center, is only as good as the doctors who use it. That's why Clinic Director Dr. Chace Unruh worked tirelessly to bring the most well-respected specialists under his roof. "From the staff members who answer the phone to the doctors who work here, everyone is compassionate and able to ask the right questions and work as a team. Our goal is to offer conservative and preventative care - to not only relieve the symptoms but to cure the problem that caused them. Faster, more complete healing happens when a medical doctor can consult with an acupuncturist or podiatrist down the hall. We all want what's best for our patients."

"We had a client who was injured in an accident. Based on traditional x-rays, he was offered a
$15,000 settlement. But when we were able to prove - using our
the true extent of his injury, the settlement climbed to $150,000. And this hard-to-find technology has
another bonus: The patient is exposed to significantly less radiation
than traditional
~ Dr. Chace Unruh
As one of America's top integrated medical offices, the Unruh Spine Center offers a vast collection of services, including:

Disc problems, whiplash, osteoarthritis, joint dysfunction, neck/back pain, headaches, sciatica, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, immune problems and fibromyalgia are treated successfully with chiropractic services.

An "East meets West" philosophy is ever present at the Unruh Spine Center. The most cutting-edge Western specialists, treatments and diagnostic systems partner with a team of noninvasive practitioners to ensure that you achieve your health and pain-relief goals.

Physical Therapy
The Unruh Spine Center offers a rehabilitation clinic specializing in pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric populations. Treatments are individualized with a multidisciplinary approach to best utilize the practices of physical, massage and occupational therapy, personal training, strength/conditioning, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

Sports Injury
Chiropractic care most closely relates to the needs of the athlete because special attention is given to the spine, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves.

Acupuncture stimulates the body's natural healing process and is effective for treating any condition including, but not limited to, pain, addiction, stress, headaches, arthritis, bedwetting, weakness, digestive disorders and more.

The Unruh Spine Center offers the highest-quality bio-available Nutraceutical supplements to meet your unique needs. They also offer bio-identical hormone treatments for both men and women to promote health and anti-aging benefits. Professional consultations ensure that your body is paired with the supplements and treatments it needs for the ultimate in physical, emotional and cognitive health.

Neurosurgery is any surgery that involves the spinal cord, peripheral nerves or nervous system (brain/spine). Of all the systems making up the human body, your nervous system is arguably the most vital to your quality of life. Neurosurgeons are the top specialists for neck and back surgery.

The Unruh Spine Center's resident podiatrist is a diabetic specialist who offers least-invasive bunion and hammertoe surgery, as well as custom orthotics and treatment for corns, callouses, plantar fasciitis, fungal/ingrown nails and sports injuries.

Prolo Therapy
The Unruh Spine Center specializes in Prolo Therapy, which has the potential of being 100-percent effective in eliminating chronic pain. A simple injection into the affected ligaments or tendons intentionally leads to local inflammation to trigger a wound-healing cascade that results in new collagen creation and tightened, stronger ligaments.

Pain Management
If you suffer with extremely painful muscle ache, ask The Unruh Spine Center about Trigger Point Injection (TPI). Reduce the risk of scar-tissue development, loss of motion and weakness with TPI. Natural and traditional pain-relief injections are also available.

Southern California's Celebrated Neurosurgeon Offers Groundbreaking Spine Surgery at Unruh Spine Center
Dr. Kapil Moza, MD, is used to being the first - and the best. In the Santa Barbara/Ventura counties, Dr. Moza was the first neurosurgeon to successfully complete a cervical artificial disc replacement (More on this new, life-changing technology in a moment...). And now Dr. Moza is the first neurosurgeon to lend his expertise to the celebrated Unruh Spine Center.

While Dr. Moza's list of specialties is as extensive as his collection of accolades (he's consistently recognized as one of the highest-trained neurosurgeons in Southern California and beyond), he advocates non-surgical interventions whenever possible. The exception? Says the doctor: "When patients present a very real loss of motor function. These individuals regularly require immediate surgical intervention in order to prevent a further degradation of motor function."

The answer to this problem is simple to describe but so tedious that very few doctors can claim expertise. Cervical artificial disc replacements utilize a prosthetic device that is inserted between the vertebrae, replacing a natural disc. This pain-relieving discovery is superior to spinal fusion because it allows the patient to maintain motion and flexibility. Pressure on the nerves and spinal cord is relieved and stability and alignment of the spine is restored. Of the many patients who've sought out Dr. Moza for this treatment, all have returned to their full activity levels.
To schedule a consultation with Dr. Moza, call the Unruh Spine Center at 288-0022.

Dr. Moza's Training & Specialties Include:
minimally-invasive spine surgery | anterior cervical discectomy
cervical spinal stenosis | artificial disc replacement
spinal fusion description | arteriovenous malformations
lumbar spinal stenosis | spine fractures | spinal instability
brain and spinal tumors | cervical laminoplasty | Chiari malformation
Gamma Knife radiosurgery | cerebrovascular disease | aneurysms
cervical and lumbar disc disease | artificial disc replacement
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