Anterior Hip Replacements are the Future
And Dr. Antebi has Already Done Over 1,000 of Them
July, 2015 - Issue #129
Imagine for a moment that you need a hip replacement. Or, maybe you don't have to play into this hypothetical; more than 285,000 Americans undergo the procedure annually. Of those, only a fraction of the procedures are performed from the anterior, or front, of the patient's body. The reasoning is two fold; first, a special operating table is required for the procedure. And, second, only the most skilled surgeons are practiced enough to perform an anterior hip replacement with regularity.

"I had a total anterior hip replacement on May 12.
After I left the hospital I never took or needed another pain pill. I was out of bed the same day and the next day I climbed three flights of stairs. The day after that I walked a quarter mile and the day after that I walked a mile and a half. I'M A REAL HAPPY CAMPER. This went extremely well. This is my second hip replacement; my last was 15 years ago. There's just no comparison when it comes to the recovery. The last time I was on pain killers for two or three weeks. The anterior procedure with Dr. Antebi - it didn't restrict me at all. I'm totally impressed. If I ever need another operation I'm going to him. I like the guy a lot! He helped me make my goal of being back to work on June 1,"
Edward, 78, of Ridgecrest
That's unfortunate, because when the hip replacement is completed on the anterior of the body, the surgery can be completed in under and hour with less risk of clots, bleeding and infection. And that's not where the benefits end.

Alon Antebi, DO, a top-ranked board-certified orthopaedic trauma surgeon who specializes in joint replacement, reconstruction and fracture care, has performed over 1,000 anterior hip replacements. "The anterior procedure is minimally invasive; approaching the hip from the front of the body allows me to move the muscle out of the way instead of cutting through. That significantly reduces recovery time, pain and risk. Recuperation is quick, with patients back to their regular activities in a few weeks. The long-term benefits are also remarkable in comparison to a standard posterior hip replacement, which cuts more tissue, leaving the area weaker and more prone to injury. An anterior hip replacement only requires a three-inch incision and patients are up and walking before they leave the hospital. They're home within 23 hours of the surgery!," says the surgeon.

Dr. Antebi, who completes over 250 to 300 joint surgeries a year, is the co-founder of The Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists (AVORS), a musculoskeletal multi-specialty medical practice that features a highly-rated and respected team of doctors and surgeons, considered the best osteopathic-trained trauma surgeons in the Antelope Valley. Because of its reputation for superb patient care and remarkable outcomes, the practice has experienced remarkable growth since its founding in 2007, enabling an expansion from the original office in Lancaster to Los Angeles, Ridgecrest and, now, Valencia.

Is an anterior hip replacement right for you? You might have hip problems and not even know it. "Hip issues are often confused for back, buttock or leg pain. Patients think that they may have injured themselves while working out or playing a sport and chalk it up to a muscle injury when the joint is actually what's damaged. The good news is that not every hip problem requires surgery, but you only know for sure by being evaluated by an experienced specialist," says the orthopaedic trauma surgeon.
AVORS accepts Medicare, PPO and some HMO insurance. Call for a complimentary insurance review. 705-5100
"Dr. Antebi performed my total anterior hip replacement nine weeks ago. I have absolutely no complaints. He did such a great job pre- and post-op and the surgery went off without a hitch. I'm near-completely healed. Prior to surgery I was in a lot of hip pain and had a limp. It hurt to walk. All of that is completely alleviated. Dr. Antebi is professional, well educated, CARING, concerned and really knows what he is doing. I should have done this 10 years ago!,"
Ron, 49, of Lancaster
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