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Inside SCV Congratulates Dr. Moza
November, 2015 - Issue #133
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"I can't help but treat my patients like family - like the way I'd want someone special to me to be treated. I'm always available to them. The philosophy of 'family care' carries through to my entire staff. Here, everyone is treated like they're the most important person in the world," says Dr. Kapil Moza.

"I was in TERRIBLE PAIN from my upper back extending down through my forearm and fingers. I met Dr. Moza and was immediately diagnosed. He assured me that all would be resolved and I would be back to all my usual exercise routines and golf game in 10 to 12 weeks following surgery. Today is my 12th week and I am back to all the activities as promised."
Chris Billig on August 19, 2015 via
One of the highest-trained neurosurgeons in So Cal, Dr. Kapil Moza's premier practice is known far and wide as the best available, with clients often flying in from out of state for consultations and surgery. Lucky for Santa Claritans, though, is that we don't need to board a plane or even get on a freeway for an appointment with the board-certified surgeon who's known as much for his incredible outcomes as he is his warm bedside manner. "I ensure that my patients always have direct access to me throughout the entire process. I'm never farther than a phone call away and I see them at every appointment. Patient education is vital in my practice, too. I want each patient to feel 100-percent confident in our plan. Each patient leaves my office fully understanding their state-of-the-art imaging studies and options."

Dr. Moza, who was named a 2015 Vitals Top 10 Doctor Award, which is presented to only 1 percent of all national practitioners, has spent his coveted career building a reputation for surgical success and patient satisfaction. Comprehensive care is his guiding philosophy; he evaluates each patient as a unique individual to ensure that more conservative, non-surgical treatments are attempted prior to surgery. Patients appreciate his conservative approach and how much the doctor is invested in their life-long health and happiness.

By connecting with his patients and gaining a full understanding of their medical history, Dr. Moza ensures that he can carefully reach a truly-accurate diagnosis, referring to trusted pain management programs or physical therapy when possible. If these treatments prove ineffective, then surgery is discussed. There are exceptions to this, of course, like when a person displays an acute motor function loss. Unfortunately, these patients most often require quick surgical treatments to prevent any additional loss of movement.

"Quick" is the operative word there, of course. When you're in serious pain, you don't want to wait to see a specialist. "Everyone who walks through the office door is treated like family," says Dr. Moza. "Every need is treated like an urgent one." His patients agree.

Convenience and compassion are two very good reasons to select a surgeon, but what it really comes down to is the efficacy of the procedure. Dr. Moza's rates of surgical infection are near zero and substantially lower than regional, state and national averages. Also essential: recovery time is much quicker, with the vast majority of patients released from the hospital in 23 hours or less and all of them back to their desired state of movement within a very short period. It all comes down to Dr. Moza's innovations in the field of minimally-invasive surgery.

"I'm always happy to provide a second opinion," says the neurosurgeon. "A substantial proportion of my patients are individuals who either desire a second opinion or are hoping to improve upon a previous surgery that did not have the desired results. My ultimate purpose is to help people live a pain-free life. My patients become part of our practice's family and I'm committed to giving them the best experience from the minute they walk into the office until their last follow-up appointment and beyond."
Dr. Moza's Santa Clarita office is conveniently located in Valencia. 805-497-3622

Dr. Moza's Accolades Continue to Grow
Dr. Moza was recently named to the Super Doctors 2016 list, which involved an incredibly rigorous nomination process by other doctors in the same specialty. He will be featured in Los Angeles Magazine because of the coveted nod. In addition, the board-certified physician was awarded the Top "Pinnacle Professional" Neurosurgeons award in July. These awards are based on patient satisfaction and positive outcomes.
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