Pain Relief with a Smile
Introducing a New Valencia Medical Group
February, 2015 - Issue #124
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Over a decade ago, two prestigious doctors were being recruited by a hospital for the same slot - by two different recruiters. A comedy of errors transpired, resulting in the medical professionals finding themselves in the office suite both were promised individually.

"Our intention is to HEAL THE WHOLE PERSON using expert diagnostics, effective treatments, holistic and preventative medicine and the least-invasive surgical options available. We do it daily, we do it with a smile, we do it because we love it. Every member of our team is passionate about improving the quality of our patients' lives,"
Thomas Nasser, DO, co-founder of AVORS Medical Group
What could have ended in a spat instead spawned a friendship based on shared goals and mutual respect. But Thomas Nasser, DO and Alon Antebi, DO are more than the best of friends; they're the co-founders of the fastest-growing, well-respected orthopaedic and rehabilitation practice in the region, AVORS Medical Group.

The Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists (AVORS) is a musculoskeletal multi-specialty medical practice that features a highly-rated and respected team of doctors and surgeons, considered the best osteopathic-trained trauma surgeons in the Antelope Valley.
Because of its reputation for superb patient care and remarkable outcomes, the practice has experienced remarkable growth since its founding in 2007, enabling an expansion from the original office in Lancaster to Los Angeles, Ridgecrest and, now, Valencia.

Located right next to City Hall, the Valencia office will home the practices of Alon Antedbi, DO, a top-ranked board-certified orthopaedic trauma surgeon who specializes in joint replacement, reconstruction and fracture care; Thomas Nasser, DO, a board-certified doctor specializing in physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain management; Ajay Masih, DO, who is board-certified in pain management and rehabilitation and focuses on the conservative management of musculoskeletal and other disorders; and Justin Heller, MD, a gifted board-certified plastic surgeon who's specialties include reconstructive surgery as well as hand and upper-extremity orthopedic surgery.

Santa Clarita isn't lacking in medical offices, but until the advent of the AVORS Medical Group in Valencia, it was short on practices that specialize in providing a continuation of care for pain management. "What makes AVORS special," says Lydia Baker, the dedicated practice manager, "is that patients have access to all 12 of our doctors, all who work very closely together. Individuals suffering from chronic pain probably don't just need a surgeon. For ultimate healing and recuperation from injury, they might need a pain management specialist; a rehabilitation professional; even a massage therapist who specializes in musculo-skeletal pain relief, too. We have all that and more. This way of doing things saves time, money, insurance-claim frustrations and more, but most importantly, it leads to better outcomes for our patients."
AVORS accepts Medicare, PPO and some HMO insurance. Call for a complimentary insurance review. 705-5100
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