Respected Joint Surgeon Joins AVORS Practice
Dr. Justin Sherfey
May, 2015 - Issue #127

It's funny how life can take you in such different directions - or, in the case of Dr. Justin Sherfey, different addresses. Originally from the rural part of Washington, Dr. Sherfey relocated to Southern California to attend the Western University of Health Sciences in Pamona. From there, it was off to orthopedic residency in Michigan, then a fellowship in adult reconstruction and joint replacement in Canada. For the last decade, he called a small community between Seattle and Portland - Centralia, to be specific - home as he grew his orthopedic practice.

But it was one connection he made along the way that would take him from the north west back to sunny So Cal. "I did my residency with Dr. Antebi, co-founder of Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists medical group (AVORS); he became a close family friend. He's spent the last 10 years trying to talk me into moving back to California and joining him in his practice. With the kids off to college and AVORS growing, my wife and I decided that it's time to join good friends and start enjoying the sunshine!"

Dr. Sherfey will call Santa Clarita home and work out of AVORS Valencia and Antelope Valley offices. "It's a wonderful group because of the opportunity for multi-specialty care for the patient. I'm excited to work with professionals with such excellent surgical skills and I'm happy to be partnering with a friend and colleague. We all have great synergy. Camaraderie enhances patient care and experiences."
If you are in pain, need rehabilitation or orthopedic treatment, AVORS can help. The medical group accepts most HMO, PPO and Medical insurances; call their Valencia office for a free insurance evaluation and to schedule your appointment. 705-5100

The Future is Now for Athletes & All of Us
More Accurate Diagnoses & Less-invasive Treatments
are the Cornerstone of Dr. Sherfey's Practice

Hip arthroscopy, the process of inserting a miniscule camera into your joint area, is a minimally-invasive means of investigating pathology in the hip. With just a small poke, Dr. Sherfey is able to determine the source of your pain and treat this usually-difficult-to-diagnose area of the body. "Young, active people; weekend warriors... they often experience hip pain that limits their performance in sports or recreation. The pain can be vague and radiating. Patients often think that they've pulled a muscle, but the truth is that often they'd damaged the surface of their cartilage or have torn soft tissue around the socket. In some cases, their thigh bone could be jabbing into the socket as the patient performs certain movements," says Dr. Sherfey.

The well-respected doctor, who has often worked with athletes of professional teams like the Red Sox, Lions, Red Wings and Celtics, as well as a vast number of high school and college athletes, knows that "getting back to the game" - or just getting back to the game of life - is of utmost importance to each of his patients. "I'm actively involved in athletics. My kids are college athletes and I know the concerns that both parents and athletes have. In many ways, they're the same worries that everyone has: 'Will I be able to continue to function at the level my lifestyle requires?' My goal is always to return my patients to the level of activity that makes them the happiest and, often enough, they're back to the field and to life even better than before," says the surgeon.

By becoming an expert in the newest medical breakthroughs, Dr. Sherfey is able to treat his patients with methods that have proven to have a reduced recovery time and greater propensity for success. "Hip resurfacing, anterior hip replacements, computer-assisted surgeries, alternative replacement options... these are the procedures of the future, but I'm doing them today. My patients' quality of life is remarkable, even though they've had to come to me for joint-replacement 'redos' and failures. No one should suffer with serious joint pain or a poorly-functioning replacement when there's a solution available for it now," says the specialist.
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