The Terrible Toll Migraines Take
& the Solution that is Changing Lives
July, 2016 - Issue #141
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"I missed work a lot; I missed everything a lot! I could be in bed for two days at a time," recalls Robin R., a 44-year-old wife, mom of 4, SCV resident and nurse. "It was every single day. It was so hard to concentrate because I was just consumed by pain. I was grouchy all the time, so I isolated myself. I didn't want to affect my kids, co-workers and husband. And I never wanted to do anything because I always felt terrible. I would just end up lying on the couch, trying to make it go away."

Robin's heart-tugging description paints a picture millions of Americans are all too familiar with; life as a migraine sufferer. And what's almost as frustrating as the pain and discomfort is how difficult it is for those with chronic headache to find relief.
"I tried it all and spent a fortune," shares Robin. "I was always looking up info, asking questions at work," says the medical professional. "I was miserable."

Then came a referral that would change her life. "I was involved in a sleep study and the doctor gave me information for Valencia Headache Care. I called and set up a free consultation because, why not? And what I found changed my life."

After beginning treatment at Valencia Headache Care, improvements came quickly. "I felt some relief in just the first couple of weeks. I started saying to myself, 'Hey, I didn't use Advil today. Wow, I didn't have a headache at all today.' It was just incredible," remembers Robin.

What made the remarkable difference? Valencia Headache Care's innovative 12-week treatment plan, offered by only 400 dentists in the nation. "At first you think, why would I go to a dentist for migraine relief? But once you meet with the doctors there, it makes sense. My bite was off, just a tiny imperceptible bit, but that's all it took."

Robin's experience at Valencia Headache Care was anything but a headache. "The staff is amazing and so, so nice. I looked forward to my appointment every week; it was like a spa! You relax while getting a head and shoulder massage during your treatments and the stretches and exercises they do with you really help you improve quickly. I had limited movement in my jaw and neck because my muscles were so stiff, and with their help, that improved quickly. Everything is soothing; nothing is painful."

Now done with her 12-week treatment at Valencia Headache Care, Robin continues to treat herself at home when necessary. "I still use the electrode machine; it really helps relax my jaw muscles. If I sense a headache coming on, I place the electrodes on to relieve my symptoms before anything escalates. I was using it daily, but I don't need to anymore."

Robin has some advice for her fellow migraine sufferers. "I know how it feels to have tried everything and feel hopeless. Please try this! It's life changing and it's amazing how it all is related to dentistry. I don't have crippling migraines anymore. I am so happy to say that life without pain is possible!" And life without pain can be kind to your wallet, too. "The best part, besides being headache free, is that I'm starting to be reimbursed by my insurance company for my treatment, thanks to the hard work on the part of Valencia Headache Care's office staff. They see that it worked!"
Valencia Headache Care offers free 15-minute consultations and Care Credit payment options. 661-287-9667

"At first it seems unusual to seek treatment for headaches from a dentist," reflects Dr. Schweitzer, clinical director of Valencia Headache Care. "But once you realize that a sizable proportion of those who suffer from headache pain have an imbalance in their bite, even though they probably can't feel the imbalance themselves, it makes perfect sense. This imbalance forces the facial, jaw and neck muscles out of balance, which then causes headache pain." The solution is to make small, imperceptible adjustments to the bite in combination with rehabilitating the facial and neck muscles through ultrasonic, deep tissue, micro-current and cold laser therapies. Valencia Headache Care uses state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to determine exactly where the bite imbalances are located and each adjustment is quick and simple. They're the only practice in Santa Clarita with T-Scan technology to measure micro imbalances in the bite.
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