Grow Older, Grow Better
January, 2014 - Issue #111
News from Hearing Expert Nola Aronson
Baby Boomers Rocked Their Eardrums

by Nola Aronson, MA
The first generation of rock and roll is more affected by hearing loss than previously believed.

A study found 38 million American Baby Boomers experience various degrees of hearing loss. The study included 437 random people ages 40 to 59 years old who were interviewed by phone or online. Studies done earlier estimated only 20 percent, or 16 million Americans, in the Baby Boomer generation would suffer from hearing problems in that age range. Are Baby Boomers losing their hearing at an earlier age than their parents or grandparents? Yes, our average age patient is younger than they used to be.

Yet, most of the boomers with hearing loss fail to seek medical attention. Only about one third had their hearing tested. Many of those tested admitted their hearing problem interfered with their family life and understanding during a telephone conversation.

Hearing loss is often the result of aging. However, most of those reporting hearing loss believe it was primarily caused by noise in their workplace or leisure pursuits.

Don't be afraid that wearing a hearing device will make you look old! Untreated hearing loss is much more conspicuous than any hearing device. Today's technology offers solutions from completely invisible to barely noticeable.

If you feel you can hear but have trouble clarifying words call to schedule a free screening with an Advanced Audiology hearing care professional. 877-4555

New Year's Resolutions for Senior Safety
If you have a senior in your life, your New Year's Resolutions can include helping them to be safer in their own home. Falls at home are a huge risk for seniors and are the leading cause of accidents for people over age 65. A fall can easily result in a serious injury that is a threat to a senior's health and independence.

Tips for preventing falls include looking around at the areas in the home and removing hazards such as throw rugs, uneven floor surfaces, electrical cords and other obstacles.

Pay attention to lighting, especially near stairs and the path from bed to bathroom.

Consider modifications such as handrails and bathroom fixtures that provide stability, or products such as shower chairs that make bathing safer.

Also, consider use of a home monitor that can call for help in case of a fall.

If you are concerned about your loved one being home alone, contact Visiting Angels for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting to discuss how their services may help keep them safe and independent at home. 263-2273

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Canned Soup Drive
for Seniors

Visiting Angels is having a canned soup drive through January 15 to help seniors in our community stay warm and fed through the winter months. Soup collected will be donated to the Santa Clarita Senior Center and distributed to seniors who have difficulty obtaining nutritious food.

Soup can be brought to the Visiting Angels office at 24001 Newhall Ranch Road Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm or call them to arrange for a pick up of your donation (As long as it's within the Santa Clarita Valley!). 263-2273
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