Senior Living
August, 2014 - Issue #118
Is that the Phone, or are my Ears Ringing?
Audiologists like Nola Aronson, MA can answer that question and help with all types of hearing issues. Nola's main goal is to help her patients lead fuller social lives.

One problem that could be solved at Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology is tinnitus. You know that feeling when your ears keep buzzing after being exposed to loud noise? For most of us, that goes away pretty quickly and does not come back. For some people, it's like there's a symphony going on in their head, only it's not a pleasant musical. It could be a whooshing, hissing, whirring or buzzing sound.

Tinnitus can develop in the outer, inner or middle ear, and can also stem from a brain abnormality. Some possible causes might be fluid infection of the middle ear bones or ear drum (tympanic membrane), damage to the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve in the inner ear, loud-noise exposure, medications (as simple as aspirin) and Meniere's syndrome. In very rare cases, tinnitus could be a symptom of serious problems such as a brain aneurysm or acoustic nerve tumor. It's one of those things that's "probably nothing" but it's a good idea to get it checked out.

When you visit Advanced Audiology, you'll notice that you're treated like family. Your hearing care professional will run some simple tests for you and let you know if there's something available to help you

With tinnitus, the bad news is that there is no cure. The good news is that there are devices that are designed to help alleviate the symptoms. It's just a matter of you calling and answering a few questions. In most cases, you can qualify for a free screening to show you how much Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology can help you. Wouldn't it be great to live your life free of any problems with your hearing?

Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology has been helping the SCV hear better since 1987. 877-4555

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Walk to End Alzheimer's!
On Saturday, September 20, Santa Claritans will take to Bridgeport Park to take steps (Both literal and figurative!) to end Alzheimer's. Join with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association. If you register as a team captain before August 1 with a list of at least 10 participants, you'll be gifted with a special backpack courtesy of the organization. Interested in walking, but don't have a team? Geneva and Kathy of Visiting Angels want to help! Visit the event page at or give them a call. 263-2273

The Bright Side of Life
One of the most amazing results when someone starts service with Visiting Angels is when clients re-engage in life, enjoying activities and social connections that they haven't participated in for a while. A senior who has challenges due to transportation or ambulation issues now has someone who can assist them to safely get out and about in the community. Clients again enjoy lunch with their friends, recreational activities in the community and visits to their family members in neighboring towns. A Visiting Angel can also help their client take advantage of technology to remain connected with far-away loved ones. It's wonderful to see a senior use Skype or Facebook to interact with their grandchildren and stay involved in the lives of family members they don't see very often. 263-2273
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