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December, 2014 - Issue #122
4 Ways to Increase Intimacy Using your Hearing Aid

News from hearing expert Nola Aronson

Experts say couples who stay together in happy, mutually-supportive relationships are those who communicate well. Unfortunately, hearing loss can break down communication, straining relationships.

That strain is avoidable. People who suffer hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids - especially in this era of high-tech, virtually invisible, full-time wearable hearing aids.

1. Eliminate Miscommunication:

Not hearing correctly causes communication breakdowns that damage relationships. A digital hearing aid keeps you and your partner on the same page.

2. Catch the Subtle Signals:

Suppose you used to finish each other's sentences, but are no longer doing so because you don't hear the first part. Hearing aids help couples continue understanding whispered comments and inside jokes.

3. Eliminate Frustration:

It's frustrating when you can't hear and have to ask someone to repeat something. Imagine the frustration on the other end of the conversation. It's frustrating for the person who suffers hearing loss and their partner who endlessly repeats things. With digital hearing aids, communication replaces frustration.

4. Maintain Closeness:

If you suffer hearing loss, there's a good chance you withdraw from social situations. Imagine the distance this places between you and the person with whom you share every thought and emotion. Hearing aids help maintain that closeness.

Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology was established in September 2010. Before then, Aronson successfully grew two other local practices and has helped hearing impaired patients since 1987. Advanced Audiology is the SCV's largest diagnostic hearing center and its leader of advanced technology and invisible solutions. 877-4555

Share a Bowl of Soup with a Senior

For nine years, Visiting Angels has been a driving force for senior care in the SCV - and now they are asking for your help so that they can help local seniors have better access to warm, nutritious food this winter. The concept is as simple as it is special: all you have to do is donate cans and packages of soup!

All soup donations will be given to the SCV Senior Center, which will distribute the food to seniors who struggle with obtaining easy-to-prepare healthy food. You can drop your donations off at Visiting Angels' office in Valencia (24001 Newhall Ranch Road Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 5pm.) or call them and they'll arrange for a courtesy pick up. Soup donations will be collected through January 15.

Visiting Angels 263-2273

Check in on your Loved Ones this Season

The holidays are a good time to look for the following signs of loneliness and depression that may affect your own loved one's health. Is she losing or gaining weight? Make sure she has plenty of nutritious food. Is he irritable? The source of his irritability could be boredom.

Help your loved one plan appropriate activities. Is she lacking energy? Encourage her to see a doctor for a physical. Does he seem sad? Ensure that he has companionship and appropriate activities. Has she lost interest in activities she used to enjoy? Look for ways to modify them so she can still enjoy the things she's always loved. Does she have difficulty thinking or concentrating? Make sure she has plenty of mental stimulation. Word games and crossword puzzles can help keep an older person's mind alert.

Is there a loss of interest in hygiene or is he unable to take care of his home? Perhaps more assistance is needed. Are there thoughts of suicide? Contact a mental health professional immediately.

Home Instead Senior Care for Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valleys 254-8701
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