PAST ISSUES   -   JUNE, 2013
If You have a Yard, You Need This
SITE AREA: Your Home - Exterior Looks
Have you heard of a smart controller? Much like a smart phone, a smart controller can make your life so much easier. It's like waking up one morning with all the knowledge and experience of a botany PhD at your fingertips, but without the studying, student loans and quizzical looks fr...
SCV Real Estate Snapshot
SITE AREA: Your Home - Real Estate
Move on out - or up! - with the help of SCV's top real estate pros.
All in the Family
SITE AREA: Family - Family Business
At first glance, Janelle Koester and John Shipper seem an unlikely business-partner pair. Janelle is blessed with looks that lead many to believe she's much younger than the age printed on her driver's license. John, in contrast, looks old enough to be her grandfather. That's conveni...
Women's HEALTH
SITE AREA: Beauty - Skincare
What you wanted to know - but were too embarrassed to ask!
Looking Saggy, Droopy, Tired, Old?
SITE AREA: Beauty - Skincare
Most Inside SCV staff members are somewhere in our 30s. Like most SCVians, we try to take good care of our bodies and our appearance - so you can imagine the discussions that have evolved over the years as the calendar pages fly past at top speed, our wrinkles deepen and our skin star...
Wedding Notes to Note
SITE AREA: Beauty - Weddings & Events
Here comes the bride on a budget! How to save and still make a splash.
Encore! Encore!
SITE AREA: Fitness
"I started dancing at Encore in December when it first opened. One day I was jogging down McBean and I saw an ad for Encore at one of the bus stops. I took a mental note of the advertisement and decided to look into it. I was intrigued by the phrase 'dance fitness.' I have always enj...
Meet our Visiting Angels Caregiver of the Month!
SITE AREA: Health - Seniors
"My name is Anita. In addition to my role as a caregiver for Visiting Angels, I am a wife, mother of two teenagers and also work as a professional vocalist with my saxophonist/husband Jim."
Perfect Vision
SITE AREA: Health - Focus on your Health
If you're like most people with less-than-perfect vision, you've probably dreamed of being free of glasses and contacts. Perhaps, like many people, price is the reason that you're "on the fence." Sure, you realize that you probably spend a small fortune each year on glasses, prescrip...
Have Faith
Have you ever used the phrase, "too good to be true?" It's common enough, so the chances are high. Maybe you married the man or woman of your dreams, landed your dream job, or have the best kids in the world. Too good to be true.
Mind your Own Business
SITE AREA: Business
How dog bites, business financing and bankruptcy can affect your bottom line.
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