Competition brings them Closer
The Valencia High Drake Twins
February, 2009 - Issue #52
Greg and Aly Drake
Greg and Aly Drake
Audrey Drake stood near the looping hills behind College of the Canyons one promising day five years ago.

She walked up to her son Greg and jokingly encouraged him, "Your sister got first place. You get it now."

Greg's sister Aly had just won the Rio Norte Junior High cross country race - giving her the coveted title, "Fastest Girl in School."

Something like twins sweeping the school's cross country race wouldn't seem to agree with the cosmos.

When he looked behind him, he was so far out in front he didn't see any other competitors.

Greg and Aly Drake are still pushing themselves.

Multi-sport athletes at Valencia High, the fraternal twins have benefited from a close relationship that bucks the idea of sibling rivalry. Instead, they've created sibling competition.

"I think the competition gives them an initiative to want to be good at anything they can," says 19-year-old brother Ricky, a kicker on the College of the Canyons football team. "Even in school they kind of compete with each other."

Aly has Greg beaten.

She estimates her cumulative grade point average to be 4.29. Greg thinks his is 4.20.

Aly could become Valencia High's Athlete of the Year come the end of this school year.

She is the most dangerous offensive force on the Vikings soccer team, being able to dribble past defensive swarms at will.

That ability has helped her get a scholarship to play soccer for the University of San Francisco.

Aly is still the fastest girl in school, too. She holds Valencia High track and field records in the 400 meters (58.03 seconds, set as a sophomore) and 800 meters (two minutes, 19.50 seconds, set as a junior).

Aly cites the early competition as an impetus for her success. "I had brothers. It made me stronger on the girls' side," she says. "I couldn't hang with all the boys all the time. It made me stronger because Greg and I have competed all our lives. He's smarter than I am."

Then she jabs: "But I do homework. He doesn't."

Greg has his own share of accomplishments. He ran for Valencia's track and field team and is a key member of the varsity soccer team.

And he's one up on the sports. The hazel-eyed, darker-haired brother was a kicker for Valencia's varsity football team.

Because of his adaptability, Greg made the junior varsity football team as a freshman. He played wide receiver, then gave up the sport for two years.

But because of his leg, he was recruited by the varsity football team to return and become its kicker, following in Ricky's footsteps.

Greg has kicked 55-yarders in practice.

He hopes to go to UCLA and walk onto the football team next season.

Greg is Aly's biggest fan and leads the campaign for her "Female Athlete of the Year" candidacy.

"I just know she has school records," Greg says. "There are people who play the popular sports, but she's so good at the sports she plays."

The twins are extremely close. They have the same favorite TV show ("Chuck"), and favorite singer (Jack Johnson). You'll find them together in three classes and hanging out with the same friends. They're both lanky, yet strong.

The differences?

"Differences? Huh," their father Richard sighs as he struggles to find them. "Maybe you're a girl," is Greg's answer as he looks at his sister.

Aly has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is six inches shorter than Greg's 5-feet-11-inches.

Greg likes spicy food. Aly hates it.

Aly went to the last Jack Johnson concert. She forgot to ask Greg if he wanted to go. "It was kind of bad [of me not to ask]," she says.

A major test for the pair will come next fall. It will be the first time they've ever been apart.

How will they react? It's a question their parents ask.

"Next year, when they go to separate colleges, wherever they may be, I don't know," Audrey struggles. "I'm thinking they'll talk to each other."

They've got other things to think about before that time comes, though.
The Drake twins turn 18 on February 20. Greg wants to go skydiving. Aly says he'll have to convince her.

Aly was on the homecoming court during this school year. It makes for one more competition before graduation.

Aly recalls what her mother said after learning of the homecoming honor. "She wants Greg to be on the Winter Formal Scores Court or prom court," Aly says.

The competition never ends.
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