Feel The Love
Two Tennis-champ Brothers Bond on the Court
August, 2017 - Issue #155
Jared and Noah Morrow are regular brothers - they argue, are competitive with each other and, when talking on the phone to a reporter, have voices so similar that it's easy to confuse the two.

The two youngest out of five siblings (They have three older sisters, which generates a simultaneous teasing groan from both when discussing the fact.), Jared and Noah did "everything" together as kids - including, and especially, tennis.
"I go out there and I hit a few balls and I try to be humble, not cocky. I stay focused and make sure I am hitting the right shots and I pay attention to where my opponent is GOING TO GO."
Jared Morrow, third-place competitor in national Special Olympics tennis tournament

"I started playing first," recalls Noah, 18. "I was about 5 or 6 and my mom said that I needed to get out of the house during the summer. She signed me up for a tennis summer camp at The Paseo Club totally last minute; like it was literally all she could find on such short notice. We didn't know going into it, but that's when I fell in love with the sport. Jared and I would hit balls together - and Jared still plays regularly at Paseo."

"I fell in love with tennis, too," says Jared, 19. "I started competing in the Special Olympics when I was about 6 and last year I was asked to compete in the national tennis tournament in Virginia. I got third place overall!" "He's undefeated in his league at Paseo," boasts Noah about his brother, who has autism.

The brothers, who competed on different local varsity prep teams for two years together, both have their share of medals and awards. Noah helped West Ranch earn the league title every year he attended and was named MVP twice for Singles and once for Doubles. Jared also took part in his campus's success - he attended Golden Valley - and recently won the Men's Singles Tennis League at Paseo Club.

The warmth between the two is obvious; they finish each other's sentences and affectionately remind each other of forgotten accomplishments. "I won some gold medals," replied Jared humbly to a question about his on-court successes. "No, you won a ton of gold medals!" Noah replied.

These two aren't just incredibly-gifted athletes; they're a wonderful example to the rest of us. Their serves may be strong, but stronger still is their sense of loyalty, commitment and unconditional love. Get to know them here, in their own words.

On the Impact they've had on Each Other
"Jared has been a huge inspiration to me. He pushes me to do things I didn't think I could do. It's been really fun growing up with my brother."

On Noah getting a Scholarship & Playing Tennis at Redlands
"Whenever Noah is playing when he is at college I will be there - because he's my brother and I love him. The toughest thing for me in my life will be when Noah goes to college."

Noah: "I decided not to go too far to college because of Jared; I want to be able to see him as much as I can. At the University of Redlands I'm only 90 minutes away. And I'm already planning on taking a week off school to travel with him to Virginia for the next national Special Olympics tennis tournament!"

On Playing the Same Sport
Noah: "Ever since we were kids, we have been super competitive with each other. But because we have tennis, we have something to talk about and we can give each other ideas and opinions. It has definitely bonded us. Instead of arguing, we can be on the same page and have a great time relating to each other with tennis."

Jared: "I am competitive and I trash talk him! I say, 'We are going to beat you!' He knows I am teasing. But if my team loses, I always say, 'I take it back!'"

On what Tennis has Given Them
Jared: "Tennis helped me be social, have a lot of fun and be part of a community. Plus, it made me bond with my brother a lot more. I can't win every time - you win some, you lose some. But I win a lot!"

What the Future Holds
Noah: "I'm working as a private tennis instructor and getting ready for college this month! I'll be majoring in global business with a minor in economics."

Jared: "I'm attending the Transitional Learning Center. I'll be working and taking care of my family and making sure that my brother is doing ok in college."
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