Going for the Gold SCV Olympic Medalist Shares Secret to Success
November, 2012 - Issue #97
David Neville, originally of Indiana, has called Santa Clarita "home" for over five years - but his work representing our country has taken him well beyond SCV borders.

"I was proud to represent the USA in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008," says Neville, who took home a gold medal in the men's relay and a bronze medal in the individual-400 races. "And I'm already prepping to race in Rio in 2016."

That means Neville has four more grueling years of training ahead of him - but he has a plan in place to ensure that his body maintains a competitive edge.

"Here's the secret," shares Neville. "Being a successful athlete, or just a healthy person in general, isn't just about training. That's an important but incomplete part of the picture. Just as vital is post-training therapy. Everyone and anyone can train. What matters more is how your body holds up afterwards and if it can sustain the gains of training on a day-to-day basis."

For this track star, this meant incorporating more than "an ice bath and stimulation" into his repertoire. "Moving from Indiana to California has really changed the way that I train and recover. California is a whole lot different than the place where I grew up. People really try to take care of their bodies more out here and there are more opportunities to do well by your body," says the Olympian.

But it's not just SCV's walkable paseos and miles of trails that are giving this Valencia-based athlete the competitive edge.
"For anyone who is looking to get their body the way it should be, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. If they can help me succeed, they can
help anybody succeed - no matter your injury or problem. My advice is, 'Don't wait!' It's important to go even when there's nothing wrong to keep your body from getting injured. Get checked out and keep your body working at its optimal level,"
~ David Neville,
Olympic Gold Medalist

Since the fall of 2007, he's been working with the Unruh Spine Center. "I definitely noted first and foremost that Dr. Unruh is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. I could tell that he was adjusting things I'd never had adjusted before and that he noticed and told me about things that had never been noted before," says Neville, who's also received laser-treatment therapy, muscle stimulation and massage at the Unruh Spine Center.

"I felt great and was able to train better because I was aligned right and felt good," reflects the gold-medal winner. "I was able to compete harder, too. After the first year of seeing him, I noticed real improvements in my body, muscles and healing. I made the Olympic team and I know it was a direct result of his treatments. The treatments available at the Unruh Spine Center directly contributed to my success."

Now, Neville wants to share the knowledge he's gleaned from his experience with others. "The Unruh Spine Center provided the push I needed to live healthier. I believe strongly that knowledge is meant to be shared, which is why I became a personal trainer and now am in an even better position to help others live better, more fulfilling lives."

For more information on recovering from injury without surgery; reaching optimal athletic performance; and living a motion-filled, pain-free life, contact the Unruh Spine Center. 288-0022
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