SCV Athletes Speak Out on Back to School
September, 2021 - Issue #203
We asked local student athletes one question: "What are you most excited about for Back to School?" As parents and educators, we've never seen more kids more excited to head back to campus!
Here, they share their enthusiasm for their programs, teammates, coaches, classes and more.

"I can already tell that this is going to be a great year for our boys team and I'm super excited to see how well we do in competition and races."
JJ Pohlot, 12th grade
Valencia High Cross Country/Track & Field

"I am looking forward to taking the step back into normalcy again. I am so excited to get back into baseball. The teams in the league are all solid and I'm looking forward to the great competition. The upcoming year has been anticipated by many, which will make it an amazing year."
Zach Plasschaert, 11th grade
Saugus High Baseball

"I'm beyond excited to create more relationships with my teammates and to build a better bond. I'm ready to make some memories and take on senior year with the best people and team."
Emma Bomar, 12th grade
Canyon High Cheer

"Even going to class sounds fun as long as it is in person. I can't wait for sports to be back to normal with a huge crowd cheering and a fun student section."
Dylan Roof, 12th grade
West Ranch High Football

"I'll get a lot more reps this year now that we have practice every day and games one to two times a week until November.
I'm more than eager to go back to school this month!"
Morgan Wilson, 10th grade
Saugus High Volleyball

"I'm excited to be able to see everyone in person: my teachers, coaches, friends and teammates. It's going to be great to meet everyone face to face and connect with my new team."
Becca Ferguson, 9th grade
Valencia High Soccer

"I'm excited to experience more of a team atmosphere and develop with my team - in person!"
Lilly Lindstrom, 10th grade
Saugus High Swim

"I'm excited to play high school soccer with my amazing
teammates! I can't wait to be in the presence of all my amazing coaches who have helped me so much."
Ellee Yamamoto, 10th grade
Castaic High Girls Soccer

"We are excited to be able to get a real season and play teams from all over."
Reese & Randi Peacock, 10th grade
Saugus High Soccer

"Being back in a normal summer football program was amazing and the bond our team has with each other could not be stronger. We are very excited to get a full season and playoffs this year."
Cody Collier, 12th grade
Saugus High Football

"I'm very excited to have our full season, including bonding activities and pre-season. Overnight tournaments and the hype around league games add so much energy and connection - and I'm excited to get those components back!"
Audrey Welch, 12th grade
Hart High Girls Volleyball

"I'm excited to be able to be in the classroom again and see all my friends and teammates. It'll be nice being able to go back to normal."
Tyler Lujan, 11th grade
West Ranch High Football

"I'm excited to have an actual school year for my junior year, as this is the year when everything is really going to start to count for college. It will also be great to have a regular high school soccer season!"
Zoe Smythe, 11th grade
Saugus High Soccer
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