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May, 2015 - Issue #127

If cooling costs have you hot under the collar, read on. It turns out that the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," can also be applied to preventative care on your home comfort system. Plus, it's never been cheaper to maintain your own pool and spa.

Perform Full-Service Preventative Maintenance on your Cooling System Now, Chill Later
Your heating and cooling system is most likely the highest energy-using appliance in your home during the hot days of spring and summer. There are ways to help your system run more efficiently during peak-usage periods. Having your comfort system serviced in spring is a wise choice. A professional HVAC service technician can provide the proper inspection of the system to be certain the system is running properly. Clogged filters, low refrigerant levels, duct leakage, improper air balance and clogged evaporative coils are some of the reasons a system may not be running efficiently, causing the system to work harder, drawing more energy usage.

GW Richardson Heating and Air Conditioning Nate-certified technicians can provide full-system preventive maintenance for a reasonable cost so you can be confident that you'll stay cool - and your bills stay lower - this summer.
GW Richardson Heating & Air 295-0115

Modern Pools and Spas are making a Big Splash in Energy Efficiency
A modern pool or spa doesn't have to require all the costs of those built for our parents or even those installed a few years ago. As air-quality requirements have forced improvements like sealed combustion in heaters as well improved efficiencies and lower costs of operation. New energy-efficiency laws have mandated the use of multi-speed and variable speed pumps that saves large amounts of energy and cost. Motor manufacturers have drastically reduced noise that many associate with older pool equipment. Improved filter-testing and technology has led to less flow restriction and higher flow rates, resulting in less energy required by the pump motors. LED lighting has lowered the cost of operation as well as extended lamp life while providing beautiful color options. If maintenance and energy costs were holding you back from "diving into" your own pool, talk to a licensed pro about how today's technology will have you swimming in savings.
Thomas Pools and Spas 810-2333
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