Conserving Water
without Skimping on Style
February, 2016 - Issue #136
Pools can Conserve Water, not Waste It
California's drought has caused many a headache for SCV homeowners, so it's nice to discover that there's one less thing to worry about when it comes to water use. A common myth surrounding the drought topic is that swimming pools waste water, thus enabling the drought to continue. Not only is this misguided, but, according to the California Pool & Spa Association, swimming pools conserve water rather than waste it.

Since a typical California household contains a grass lawn, most homeowners utilize a sprinkler system to keep that lawn green and fresh. People often maintain their lawns under the impression that lawns are good for the environment. However, according to the Association, "a well-maintained pool uses roughly half the amount of water a lawn uses in the same period."

To learn more about the drought and how it is affecting the swimming pool industry, check out the California Pool & Spa Association's Let's Pool Together campaign. Having partnered with the Save Our Water campaign, the California Pool & Spa Association commits itself to providing useful information about how swimming pools can, in fact, help safeguard water for California's future.
With this new information, you have even more reason to construct and install the backyard living area of your dreams, all while countering California severe drought at the same time!
California Pools & Spas 702-8500

Drought-friendly Design should be Everyone's 2016 Resolution
Even with the promise of El Nino rains that are predicted to improve - but not fix - California's severe drought, So Cal homeowners now realize that water-conserving landscape is here to stay. This isn't bad news; drive through suburban areas of places like Arizona and you'll find that communities that put water conservation first can still have style to spare.

The key to distinctly-Californian design that's also kind to Mother Earth is this: a fine-tuned combination of hard and soft scapes that coordinate with your home's distinctive architecture. Permeable ground covers, whether they be stone or organic materials like mulch, add texture while preventing runoff. Fuel ground-water supplies and help our pollinators by planting native species that give bursts of color and plenty of dimension. Create the feel of an oasis by smartly incorporating conservation-friendly water features like ponds and fountains that use recirculated water.

Now is the time to begin your outdoor home improvement project. You'll benefit from the extra days to craft a truly-custom design with an award-winning professional and install can be completed well before the high-use seasons of spring, summer and fall.
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