Do Your Part to Conserve Water During the Drought
It's the Right Thing to Do
November, 2014 - Issue #121
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Courtesy of Shutterstock
Did you know that mandatory water conservation measures are
currently in effect?

In response to increasingly serious drought conditions and limited statewide response to voluntary actions, the State of California has enacted mandatory emergency water conservation measures to preserve our valuable water resources for future generations.

Consistent with the State Mandate, the Santa Clarita Valley's water retailers have adopted ordinances to establish these measures that prohibit the following actions:

• Washing driveways and/or sidewalks (please use a broom)

• Washing a motor vehicle using a hose without a shut-off nozzle

• Non-recirculating fountains and decorative features

• Runoff caused by over-irrigating

Additionally, outdoor irrigation (watering) restrictions are now in place, requiring customers to adjust to the following watering schedule based on the last digit of your address.

Please be aware that non-compliance with the mandatory water conservation measures would trigger an educational notice for a first violation; a written warning provided to the customer by mail for a second violation within one year of the same prohibited action and a fine for a third violation and every subsequent violation within one year.

To assist customers in reducing their water consumption, SCV's water retailers provide residential and commercial water conservation rebate and incentive programs that help offset the costs of being water wise.

Complete details on the mandatory water conservation restrictions in the SCV, as well as information on all available residential and commercial rebate and incentive programs, can be viewed at your water companys' websites listed below:

Castaic Lake Water Agency

L.A. County Waterworks District #36

Newhall County Water District

Santa Clarita Water Division

Valencia Water Company

We thank you for doing your part in conserving water. We recognize that adapting to change is often difficult, but it is necessary that we work together to preserve our valuable water resources for future generations. We are reaching out to everyone and confident that we will all do our part in what is simply the right thing to do.

For more information about the drought, visit:

To read the Water Conservation Action Plan in its entirety, visit

The SCV Family of Water Suppliers (Family) is comprised of Castaic Lake Water Agency, Los Angeles County Waterworks District #36, Newhall County Water District, Santa Clarita Water Division, Valencia Water Company and the City of Santa Clarita. Together, they work to promote the efficient use of water and fund programs to reduce the per capita water use in our valley.
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