Efficiency is Synonymous with Savings
September, 2014 - Issue #119
Save Water Year-round with Lawn Alternatives
With all the local talk of financial incentives to remove and replace water-wasting lawns, homeowners are more eager than ever to create landscapes that are a pleasure to look at - and to water.

But getting started is easier said than done for homeowners accustomed to lush green expanses of grass. The primary goal, of course, is to significantly decrease water usage. For those who value attractive exteriors, though, there's a second goal in mind: To create a new environment that not only lowers water usage but dramatically boosts the style, form and function of the area.

Both of these can be accomplished with water-conservative combinations of hardscapes, landscapes and water elements like ponds.

In Santa Clarita, the soil, temperatures and architecture lend themselves well to the following:

Drought-friendly Plants

Pops of texture in the form of ornamental grasses like deer grass and grand accent plants like blue-leaved agave add substantial dimension and a sense of grandeur to a space without running up the water bill.

Pretty Paths
Natural stones are popular here because they bring a sense of timelessness to a comparatively-new community - and the colors blend beautifully with our natural arid environment. Top picks for paths include flagstone, but don't pass up pea gravel. Less expensive but no less attractive in the right setting, pea gravel is permeable and allows excess water to soak into the earth - and our underground water system - instead of running into the street.

Perfect Ponds
A space entirely devoid of water can feel... dry. Even the most desert-friendly environment would do better with an "oasis" that adds a lush element to the area and attracts birds and beneficial insects like honey bees. Surround yours with natural rock for an authentic look or choose a concrete fountain for a touch of luxury. NV Landscape, Inc. 286-8888

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Saving Money has Never been so Cool
With the Carrier Infinity 21 air conditioner, staying comfortably cool is effortlessly efficient. Your new system will maintain an even comfort level with its two-stage compressor technology that automatically adjusts from peak performance when you need it to quiet energy-saving comfort when you don't. You can save high costs on your electric bill over the life of your system, keeping you cool under the collar - and everywhere else. Find out more by visiting the
GW Richardson Heating & Air showroom. 295-0115

Solar Savings Stack Up
Faster when You Buy

Every solar system stands to save you money long term, but why delay your savings when you don't have to? Because of special, super-low (Too low to print; call for today's rate.) financing offers, you could own your solar system in only 12 years for only a little bit more each month, when compared to a lease. The upside? You'll start saving money instantly, as your payment should be less than the electric bill you're running up now. And, in 12 years, all the electricity you generate is yours - for free. The downside? We can't think of a single one.
Pacific Blue Solar 259-1004
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