Get Water Wise
May, 2016 - Issue #139
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Give Castaic Lake Water Agency's Do-it-yourself Lawn Replacement Website a Try
Did you know the average homeowner spends more than an hour a day taking care of their lawn and garden? That precious time could be spent doing other things.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, up to 70 percent of our water is used outdoors. Many residents are taking that next step to ditch the lawn and replace it with beautiful drought-tolerant, low-maintenance alternatives. Not only have they reduced the time it takes to maintain their lawn and gardens, they have also reduced their outdoor water use significantly.

CLWA's "do-it-yourself" lawn replacement website is designed to help anyone who is interested in taking the next steps to change their landscape and improve their irrigation practices. To replace your lawn with drought tolerant alternatives, follow these steps:

1. Identify the grass you want to remove
2. Plan and design your new landscape
3. Kill and remove grass
4. Get planting

To learn about the steps you can take to replace your lawn, visit

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Cut your Losses
• Washing your vehicle at home can use up to 148 gallons of water or more for one washing. Self-service car washes use roughly 12 gallons per vehicle in desert regions.

• A seven mile-per-hour wind at a pool's surface can increase evaporation by 300 percent but 90 to 95 percent of that loss can be avoided by installing a pool cover.

• A family of four can save 14,000 to 25,000 gallons of water a year by switching from conventional toilets to water-efficient ones.

• The average Californian homeowner uses 100 gallons of water per day, or about 320 gallons for the typical family. Half of this water is used for landscaping.

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Fact: Santa Clarita is a Chaparral, not a Desert
Design your Landscape Accordingly

We live in a chaparral area, not a desert, so while you'll find a hearty selection of cactus and succulents at quality retailers, you'll discover just as many plants that are equally water-wise but much more attune to the natural landscape around us. Plants such as Lavender, Rosemary and Sage grow quite well in this climate and require little in the way of maintenance. They require deep but infrequent watering, little pruning and are not fussy about soil type or fertilizer. Our climate is particularly kind to citrus and fruit trees that typically only need watering once a week. Even with the current watering restrictions, you can have beautiful landscapes filled with flowering and fruiting plants.
Green Thumb has been a fixture in Santa Clarita since 1970 and their pros have learned which plants to recommend to our customers and which ones to avoid. Drop by for knowledgeable, friendly assistance in the development of your water wise outdoor spaces.
Green Thumb 259-1072

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Hardscape, Softscape & Water Features Fuse to Improve Water Efficiency
A fusion of hardscape, softscape and an efficient water feature does two things: it improves the look of your yard and saves water at the same time. First comes the hardscape. This can be stamped concrete, travertine, pavers and more. The key is to ensure proper grading and drainage through smart, professional design. Next comes your softscape; SCV homeowners are inclined to opt for grass, but the water-guzzling green stuff is quickly being superseded by more drought-friendly selections. Decorative gravel, mulch and other permeable covers provide soil protection and style without the maintenance - plus, they help rain replenish our vital groundwater supply. These choices look best when paired with drought-resistant plants that can sip water via a dripline. Many homeowners stop here - but you can cultivate an "oasis in the desert" feel with the addition of a recirculating water feature. You'll draw pollinators like honey bees and butterflies to your yard, plus provide your family and friends with a relaxing focal point.
NV Landscape 286-8888
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