Great Outdoors
October, 2016 - Issue #144
Year-round Curb Appeal
Holiday entertaining is right around the corner and drought-savvy homeowners may start wondering how to maintain an attractive front yard while also being water wise in winter. Lucky for them, fall is the perfect time to plant ornamental grasses and trees, giving your yard plenty of year-round attractive movement, texture and color. And, if drainage has been an issue in the past, now's the time to prevent standing water and damaged grass and plants with a little planning. Choose a permeable ground cover, possibly paired with minor grading of affected spaces, like gravel, pebbles or mulch. This option not only will prevent pooling but will also encourage the natural revitalization of our essential ground-water supplies.
NV Landscape 286-8888

Prepare for Planting Season
While the home improvement stores want you to think that planting season happens in the spring, the best time of year to plant is fall because the days are getting cooler and you water less often because the plants aren't under as much stress from the spring and summer sun.

Additionally, planting in the fall gives your plants a chance to establish roots. While plants do most of their growing in spring or early summer, they won't do much if they don't have a strong root system to support them. The best way to prepare for planting season is to amend your soil.
Before planting, here are a few options that can improve growing conditions:

Organic soil amendment can improve drainage and aeration while also providing nutrients and beneficial organism habitat as it breaks down.

Organic mulch has the same basic characteristics as a soil amendment, but instead of being incorporated into the soil, it is placed on top in a layer two to four inches thick.
For more information, review the Castaic Lake Water Agency Lawn Replacement Class Study Guide at

Protect your Patio Furniture with Quality Covers
Whether it is a dusty, windy day, or an afternoon drizzle, weather in Santa Clarita can take a toll on the look of your patio furniture. To keep your outdoor living space looking its best, cover your furniture when you are not using it. Premium protective covers will shelter your investment from the harshest conditions. You can purchase covers for each of your pieces (sofa, individual chairs, table, etc.) or one that will cover an entire set. Don't forget your umbrellas!

If you have an oddly-shaped table or a barbecue island, you can have a quality cover made to match your specifications. For table and chair sets, make sure chairs are pushed in to desired position and measure from chair back to chair back, both length and width.

Seems like too much work? No way! You'll be grateful for the investment when a beautiful weekend comes along and you don't have to spend precious time hosing off the dust and water spots. Just remove the covers and relax!
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

The Uninvited Guests
that Need to Go
Rodent infestations have become more commonplace in Santa Clarita as the drought and recent fires have driven wildlife into our communities in search of water and shelter. Think you hear things at night - maybe light clawing sounds in your ceilings or walls? That may be your uninvited guests making a nesting place. Other signs of rodent infestation include signs of gnawing, like teeth marks on wood, paper board or cloth; bits of dry grass, fabric or shredded paper behind furniture or in cabinets; an unexplained musty smell or, most obviously, droppings (And if you notice those, please call a rodent-control professional asap. The droppings can carry serious diseases and also can cause severe respiratory infections.).
CVA Exterminators 253-3070
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