Great Outdoors
January, 2017 - Issue #147
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Resolve to be Drought Friendly
Make 2017 the year that you choose permeable ground covers, drought-friendly plants, drip lines to replace sprinklers and landscape design that doesn't just honor Mother Earth, but also improves your family's quality of life. You'll love spending more time outside when you expand your usable square footage to include an outdoor living room or kitchen.
NV Landscape, Inc. 286-8888

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courtesy of Shutterstock

Resolve to Create Space for Connection

Your life isn't going to get less complicated or your family less busy, so investing in improvements that create space for real connection is a vital way to maintain strong ties. One of our faves: fire pits. Gorgeous to look at, they draw people (And stories!) with their mesmerizing glow. Relax by the warmth of your family, and firepit, year around.
Royal Concrete 523-8260

Resolve to Go for the Glow

A pool is a major investment - so why skimp on a purchase you may make only once in your life? With the addition of brilliant LED lighting, your pool parties can take on new energy when the sun drops. Pick up even more design elements with the addition of custom colors and textures, too.
Thomas Pools 441-3411

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Resolve to Light Up the Night

One of the quickest ways to improve the look of your yard is to add layers of lights. Lighting a pathway isn't just welcoming; it's also an important safety measure. And, uplighting architectural elements or landscaping interests like trees and large hedges can boost curb appeal even after the sun goes down. Choose from LED or solar selections to save on electricity while you're at it.
E & J Construction Landscape, Inc. 250-1638

Resolve to Choose SCV-friendly Plants & Check on Rebates, Too
In 2017, resolve to remove areas of grass that don't serve a practical purpose in your landscape. Typically these "aesthetic" areas of grass, like parkways and side yards, are hard to maintain. Sprinklers almost always overspray these areas and the grass requires frequent maintenance in terms of mowing, edging and fertilizing in order to look its best.

Be bold! Change the aesthetic of your landscape by replacing these areas with a variety of drought-tolerant plants with color and texture. Green is a nice color, but it's not the only one. Not sure what to plant? Visit for inspiration and plenty of options. By making this resolution, not only will you decrease your water use, as grass uses twice as much water as any other plant, you'll also save time and money on landscape maintenance. Looking for a rebate to help you complete your project?
Visit before you get started to see if you're eligible.
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