Great Outdoors
June, 2023 - Issue #221
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Keep Ant Spray Out of our Waterway
During dry conditions, ants will search for places where they can get water. Prevent ants from entering your home or business by avoiding leaving food or dirty dishes on counters or sinks; storing pet food in an air-tight container and avoiding leaving uneaten pet food out; and applying caulk to openings on baseboards or around pipes to prevent ants from coming through.
Before applying pesticide, consider nontoxic alternatives like soap and water or diluted vinegar. If you must apply pesticide, always follow the package instructions and "spot" apply instead of spraying entire areas. Avoid applying ant spray and turn off your irrigation system when there is rain predicted in the next couple of days. This will prevent pesticide runoff from your lawn into the storm drain and, eventually, the Santa Clara River.
Water is a vital resource and residents and businesses should avoid water running off your property during each use. With up to 50 percent of outdoor water use categorized as irrigation waste, there are smart ways to conserve. Install drip irrigation or bubblers to avoid overspray; fix leaks and broken irrigation systems; water in the morning between 2am and 6am and turn off sprinklers during rain events; and water plants less frequently but more thoroughly, less than five minutes at a time.
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Help your Garden Grow
Let the botanical experts at Green Thumb International help you build the garden of your dreams with trees, plants, decor and more.
Green Thumb International 259-1071

Beautifully Boost your Home's Efficiency
Boost your home's efficiency and beauty by replacing your worn sliding-glass doors. Plus, energy-efficient upgrades like this could earn you a 2023 tax credit. Call for more information.
Mike's Windows & Doors 296-9195

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Now's the Time for
Outdoor Home Improvements
Backyard kitchen? New patio cover? Fireplace? Whatever exterior home improvement is on your wishlist, now is the time to take it from conception to reality. Get the most out of your new home upgrades this summer and beyond by scheduling installation asap.
Magic Maintenance, Inc. 259-3373

Take a Seat, for Less
Locally-owned and operated Oasis Garden & Patio is hosting their blow-out sale with low prices on fabulous brands like Ebel and Homecrest plus free sales tax and over 40 options ready to be delivered. Visit Oasis to experience face-forward designs that fuse form and function with durability and luxury.
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

Upgrade your Windows, Lower your Energy Costs
Homeowners are 100-percent satisfied with dual-pane windows because the return on investment is enormous. Double-pane windows are installed without stucco or drywall damage, making them very cost effective, too. Most installations are completed in one day and you'll see your energy bills decrease significantly not soon after. Through May 31, 2023, Milgard Windows is giving a rebate on Tuscany, Trinsic and Style line series windows and doors.
Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165

Custom Patio Furniture fits your Aesthetic
Summer Classics patio furniture is as sophisticated as it is durable - and quality outdoor furniture has never been so easy to customize! Each piece is made to order according to your preferences. With more than 140 fabric choices to choose from, as well as multiple frame colors and materials, your perfect outdoor furniture set is just waiting to be built.
Aldik Home 818-988-5970
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courtesy of Shutterstock

The Prettiest Pool Upgrades
Long gone are the days of diving boards and plastic slides. Today, people want their backyard to look like a tropical oasis that includes grottos, beach entries, palm trees and plenty of rock.
Sunset Pools & Spas 252-8980

Make a Splash in Water Conservation with a Pool Cover Rebate this Summer
Looking to save money on your water bill and reduce your carbon footprint? Consider purchasing a pool cover and taking advantage of SCV Water's rebate up to $200.
A pool cover not only helps to keep your pool clean and free of debris but also helps save water. By preventing evaporation, a pool cover can reduce your pool's water loss by up to 90 percent. This means you'll spend less money on water and reduce your impact on the environment.
But the benefits of a pool cover continue beyond there. A cover can also help to improve overall water efficiency. By using the water that would normally evaporate from your pool, you can keep your garden and trees hydrated without using additional water.
And now, with a rebate of up to $200, purchasing a pool cover is more affordable than ever. So why wait? Contact your local pool supplier or home improvement store to find the perfect pool cover. With the rebate, you'll be able to save money on your purchase while making a meaningful difference in your water usage and environmental impact.
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