Outdoor Fabric Trends
July, 2008 - Issue #45
As boundaries between indoor and outdoor living areas continue to blur and the outdoor room concept grows, it's no wonder the realm of fabric choices offered to consumers has become increasingly sophisticated. You need to be picky when choosing your new cushions or umbrella to ensure it will hold up in our warm climate. Choosing the wrong material will be a costly mistake; your bright red umbrella will be a pale shade of its former self in a couple months.

For top-of-the-line durability, cutting edge patterns, and comfort normally reserved for indoor use, look no further than Sunbrella fabrics for your outdoor cushions and umbrellas. Their tough, long-lasting fabrics handle the worst Mother Nature can give - year after year. From the baking sun to endless rain, furniture featuring Sunbrella fabric looks great in any season and is backed by the best warranty in the business. The manufacturer of this material actually suggests using bleach to clean stains off the material; if it can handle bleach, imagine how durable it is under regular use!

The trends in outdoor fabrics are growing wider as outdoor rooms become mainstream. Here are a few trends popular this year:

A Dash of Spice Rich reds such as brick, pomegranate and paprika punch up the outdoors. Warm tones are popular with those trying to create an exotic look.

Spa Day Soothing shades, especially the ultra-hip combo of aqua and brown, create the feel of a day spa at home. These colors work especially well to unite the patio area with the poolscape.

Taste of the Tropics Coastal colors, including sea glass, lime, lemon and mango, still resonate with homeowners who want to bring the best of the beach to their backyard.

Homeward Bound Traditionally-indoor fabrics such as velvets, leather and chenille now have a home in the outdoors. Also, the latest in reversible fabrics give homeowners even more options.

Mix and Match More homeowners are experimenting with complimentary fabrics to create a unique, personalized look. For example, they coordinate a solid-color loveseat with pillows in an oversize floral print with a brightly-striped club chair.

Amy Boswell is the owner of Oasis Garden & Patio in Santa Clarita 255-9909.
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