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What's your first inclination when you see a brown spot on your lawn?
Drought-ready plants are more than water-savvy; they're beautiful, too!
Since water efficiency has become an essential practice in all regions of California, people are upgrading their spray irrigation by converting them to more efficient systems.
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Grass is a very manipulative plant. When it gets hot in the SCV, lawns begin to show stress very easily. Brown patches begin to appear, the deep-green color of winter and spring fade and grass' velvety texture can turn straw-like. Basically, the lawn is throwing the plant equivalent of a tantrum - it is trying to guilt you into giving it more water. While giving in and overwatering your grass might soothe your conscience, it can lead to arrhythmia-inducing water bills.
Summer is here. The weather is hot... and we're in a drought. The Governor has asked us all to do our part and reduce our water use by 20 percent. Here's how we can keep our landscapes looking "cool" despite the reduced water use: cycle and soak.
Your home's interior shouldn't be the only place where guests discover brilliant design elements and accents that leave them speechless.
Bump up the "blahs" with the bold additions you'll find here.
Approximately 70 percent of a typical Santa Clarita Valley water bill is for water used outdoors with the vast majority used for landscape irrigation. Improving irrigation efficiency can reduce water waste and will often improve the quality of the landscape.
You've heard the numbers and warnings, but sometimes it's hard to fully grasp the drought problem that California and the Santa Clarita Valley are currently experiencing.
You've probably heard a lot about the drought - especially now that folks are gearing up for summer.
Dare to be different with drought-friendly landscaping.
"Efficiency" is one of the trendiest home topics in recent history, and with good reason: it's synonymous with saving money.
Watering Santa Clarita Valley landscapes efficiently is always important. During a drought, it is critical. Keeping the landscape water-efficient, healthy and aesthetically pleasing is a real challenge. Fear not, though! There are some maintenance practices and watering strategies that will not only help you meet the challenge during a drought, but they can become part of your regular landscape care regime.
"Pretty as a picture" is how you'll describe your yard after you learn these smart rose planting tips.
Get cozy year-round with outdoor fire pits.
We are loving these Christmas-light tour suggestions. Ready for a road trip?
Remember last year, when you made the grave mistake of trying to drive north on Copperhill in Valencia the week before Christmas? You grunted and ho-hummed and fumed at the nearly-stopped traffic in front of you until you finally inched forward enough to see what all the fuss was about.
You don't have to put your patio furniture
away just because the calendar has turned.
Enjoy your yard year-round with improvements that will have you planning your holiday parties with the outdoors in mind.
Discover the difference between solar leases and you could save thousands over the life of your system.
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