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August, 2017 - Issue #155
We just can't get enough of Pinterest, and, it seems, neither can you! Our Pinterest boards are filled with images and ideas you've re-pinned and shared. Here's more to add to your collection! Pin these to your own boards by finding them at

A sparkling pool is a pool that's used! Ensure proper balance of water chemistry, removal of solids like leaves that can clog filters and make swimming less enjoyable, a check on equipment like timers and pumps, and more with Thomas Pools' pool service, which starts as low as $95 a month.
{Thomas Pools 441-3411}

freestyler: I love the Thomas Pools' store on The Old Road! It has everything for pools, from tiles to the newest floats. Our family LIVES
in the pool he built for us last year.

Take best advantage of your view by cultivating a space where stress-relief ensues the moment you step foot on the stamped concrete. Your own relaxation zone can be customized to your yard by the pros at SCV Landscaping.
{SCV Landscaping 360-6293}

gardeninggrandma: I've always wanted a space like this that could be switched up depending on our needs. This space works brilliantly with lounge chairs, but move those and bring in a long farm table and now it's the most stunning spot for an alfresco dinner party. I need one!

If there's a more dramatic pairing than fire and water, we've yet to see it. Settle in next to a gorgeous fire pit with an adjacent fountain, then feel your shoulders relax and your mind wander. This all-seasons design will serve as the gathering spot during parties and get togethers!
{E & J Construction Landscape 250-1638}

Designdiva: One of the biggest advantages of the firepit is that it gets us, and keeps us, outside. Ever since we had ours made, we've eaten outside twice as often and have invited family over more, too. I never would have guessed that it would make a real difference like that. We should have done it earlier!

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Taste fresh summer flavor well into the fall - even if you didn't plant a thing in spring, thanks to Green Thumb's extensive collection of started vegetable plants. Choose from varieties of tomatoes and peppers that will transfer well in this heat and grow delicious produce until temperatures drop.
{Green Thumb 259-1072}

gardenpro: Every year, we're still picking tons of vegetables right up until our first frost. When you can make and serve fresh salsa from your garden at your Halloween party, you start seeing the advantages of growing your own food, even if it's just a patio container garden. You have to start somewhere!


Ants? Clean, Caulk
An easy way to make sure the ants don't come in is to keep the kitchen area as clean as possible. Set small bait stations to eliminate the scouts before they invite the rest of the colony. Wipe surfaces with a solution that is equal parts vinegar and water. The scent and taste of the vinegar will deter ants from entering, or staying, inside. Caulk any areas of your home where there are cracks that ants can enter. This only takes a short time and will provide a barrier between the outside world and your home. Sprinkle coffee grounds using a three-zone (Yard, perimeter, interior!) plan to eliminate your pest problem.
CVA Exterminators 253-3070


photography by Mel Carll
photography by Mel Carll
Wishing you had a quality patio set to sink into after a long day? If that's on your wish list, it's time to head over to Oasis Garden & Patio, where all in-stock patio sets (Over 40 ready to be delivered right now!) are on sale.
{Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909}

gardengrandma: We purchased our last set at Oasis and it still looks brand new, even though it's more than a few years old! We really appreciated their free local delivery and assembly, too, as well as their "lowest prices" guarantee. We'd shop from them again in a second - but we probably won't have to... this set is going to last a long time!

One of the top 2017 trends in exterior home improvements: petite pools! Here's proof that, yes, you can have a pool in a small yard. These sparkling wonders make up in style what they lack in size, so arrange a consultation with California Pools & Spas to find out if your small space is
ready for a big upgrade.
{California Pools & Spas 702-8500}

designdiva: I can't get enough of these designs! I really appreciate the new trend of "fitting" your pool with the existing landscaping, space availability, etc. They aren't just big rectangles anymore, there's an organic sense to them that's very pleasing to the eye.

photography by Mel Carll
photography by Mel Carll
Big things can come in little packages when you decorate your exterior similarly to the interior of your home. The continuity connects the two zones, making for the sense of expanded living space. These pieces were selected from Refined Vintage Boutique.
{Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175}

Designmom: Bright accents make for bold exteriors! I enjoy putting surprising pops of color, texture and design outdoors as well as inside.
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