Posh Outdoor Home Improvements
November, 2014 - Issue #121
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Live it Up with an Outdoor Theater
Want a taste of the good life - on the daily? A backyard remodel could be your answer to living it up without dragging your finances down. Define what you love and cultivate a space that best encourages your passions. An outdoor theater room can promote regular family movie nights; football and cigar afternoons with friends; barbecuing at sunset and so much more. What you need to make it happen: a big covered patio or cabana, auto roll-down shades, a killer sound system, giant plasma TV and a very experienced contractor who knows how to pull all the elements together on time and on budget. Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089

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The most Stylish
Improvement of All

Permeable Ground Cover that is
Drought Smart

At the time of print, this drought has become so bad that nearly 20 California communities are at immediate risk for being entirely without water. Every raindrop matters and we'll all need to do our part to ensure that the few (Hopefully more!) that fall this "wet" season count.

When rain falls on a paved street or in a poorly-planned yard, it collects waste like oil, bacteria and pet droppings, then runs into a gutter and straight into our streams, rivers and oceans.

Using aesthetically-pleasing permeable ground covers can prevent that waste. When the water is allowed to sink back into our underground aquifers, it is purified of poisons while also preventing runoff and erosion.

Support the health of our groundwater with products like pavers made from brick, clay and stone. These interlocking pieces can be placed in an "open weave," allowing water to work its way down while keeping a sog-free surface on top.

You can also choose an interlocking plastic grid system that can be filled with drought-friendly grasses, small cobblestones or gravel. These products are loadbearing, meaning that you can use them for driveways and parking spots.

Gravel and mulch are the least expensive of the permeable surface options, but will require use of an eco-friendly weed blocker to ensure that your ground is as kind on your back as it is on Mother Earth. Use these on pathways in place of concrete.

We're going into what we all hope is "rainy season." These surfaces can be installed quickly - in plenty of time to up the style quotient of your home while also honoring our community's commitment to protecting our dwindling water supply. NV Landscape, Inc. 286-8888

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Brighten Up the Neighborhood with Holiday Spirit
Time, physical ability, artistic merit and your fear of ladders may prevent you from installing your own magical holiday light display. You could bah-humbug it and skip it entirely, or settle for a single row of plain lights. Better, though, would be to hire a pro who creates captivating displays made with proprietary premium-quality products. Efficient installation, proactive in-season maintenance and timely post-season removal is also included by the local pro, who has served the SCV since 1999. Christmas Lights Installation by Darell Lee 297-7013

Green Thumb's Christmas Open House
On Saturday, November 8, Green Thumb will host their annual Christmas Open House, featuring a vast selection of Department 56's North Pole Series collectables. Inspired by the magical legend of Santa's North Pole workshop, North Pole Village buildings like "Santa's Hot Cocoa Cafe," characters and accessories bring Christmas dreams to life for the young and young at heart. Nosh on holiday treats while you shop the festive variety of decor, gifts and more. Green Thumb International 259-1072

Go for Perfection via Paint
An exterior paint job may not seem like a posh home improvement - until you consider the alternative (like peeling paint and exposed wood awnings). Give your curb appeal a boost with a brush, making sure that the surface is repaired, uniform and exceptionally clean. (The latter is essential for lasting paint adhesion.). Your elegant new exterior will also serve as a barrier against the elements, protecting the integrity of your home.
A. Allbright Painting, Inc. 846-2928
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