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January, 2014 - Issue #111
Santa Clarita Gardening Classes
Too much or too little water, wind, or sun can be harmful to any garden. But with a little knowledge and water-wise attitude, you can work with the environment to make your garden healthy and attractive.

Castaic Lake Water Agency's Santa Clarita Valley-Friendly Gardening Program offers a classroom and garden setting for those who want to learn more about gardening and conservation. Information about this free program can be found at nurseries and home improvement stores throughout the Santa Clarita Valley or a schedule can be obtained online.

All workshops are from 9am to 12pm and include question and answer periods. Classes are repeated each year and generally meet the third Saturday of each month at 27234 Bouquet Canyon Road, above Central Park.

Saturday, January 18: Pruning
Did you know that pruning stimulates plant growth? In this free gardening class at Castaic Lake Water Agency, learn general pruning principles, how pruning can be used to increase fruit and flower production and the best timing and techniques. The class will focus on both flowering plants and fruit trees. In this session, you'll also learn about common pruning mistakes like topping and removing smaller exterior branches (shearing) when the focus should be on improving the overall structure of the plant. The class includes pruning demonstrations on various plants in the Conservatory Garden.

Heat Things Up with Outdoor Fire Pits
Don't spend beautiful SCV evenings inside just because it has cooled off a bit - heat things up outside! Outdoor fire pits are an ideal enhancement to your outdoor living space. The calm, warm feeling of an outdoor fire pit will create the perfect setting for your family gatherings and entertainment. Fire pits are quickly becoming a standard in outdoor design. You can choose between a classic wood burning pit or a cleaner, gas-burning unit.

One of the main advantages of the gas fire pit is that it gives off a great amount of heat. This is crucial for anybody who is going to be using their fire pit as a way of staying warm during the cold months, or for a little bit of added comfort while you entertain year round. A gas fire pit is also very easy to operate. The only thing that you need to do to get started is turn the gas on and light it. This will give you a flame - and that is all there is to it! There is no fire to start or wood to burn. This is the main reason that people decide to purchase a gas fire pit instead of a wood burning unit. Also, a gas fire pit is very easy to clean up. Unlike a wood fire pit, all you need to do is turn the gas off. You will never have to worry about cleaning out the fire pit or making sure that the flame is completely distinguished before leaving the pit.

There are advantages to the wood burning fire pits, too. Many people love the wood burning units and the smell in the air you can only achieve burning real wood. The aspect of camping in your own backyard cannot be copied. It is truly a personal choice. Either way, adding a fire pit to your yard will add much comfort and enjoyment year round.
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