Say YES! to a Better Yard
May, 2017 - Issue #151
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courtesy of Shutterstock
Plant Trees for a
Sense of Permanence

"New" SCV homes may have architectural detail that is timeless, but yards are usually a quick "tell" that when it comes to a sense of permanence, most Santa Clarita houses are found lacking. When cultivating your yard's ambience, it could be tempting to plant cheaper, younger trees. Consider choosing more-mature plants, however, if you're hoping to create a visual sense of establishment. Trees, when properly planted and cared for, will give your outdoor space more than shade and passive heating/cooling opportunities; it makes your yard look more attractive. Options abound; speak to a landscape professional who can guide you on fruit/nut-bearing varieties; quicker-growing selections; shade trees and more.
NV Landscape 286-8888

Thrifty 30 Plants for
the Santa Clarita Valley

The Santa Clarita Valley has a specific climate. Our summers are hot, dry, windy and have little precipitation. The Thrifty Thirty offers suggestions for 30 plants including perennials, trees, shrubs and groundcover that will live and thrive though our hottest summers and coldest winter nights and don't mind clay soil. They have been chosen for their attractiveness, availability, drought-tolerance once established, ease of maintenance and long-term viability in the Santa Clarita Valley. For a complete on-line list of water-efficient plants, check out This site contains the plants in the Thrifty Thirty and a whole lot more! You can sort for plants based on color, size and type to find just the right plant for your yard.

Time to Check for Termites
Termites can be sneaky creatures that hide well. Beat them at their own game by checking for these tell-tale signs.

Wood that Sounds HollowTermites do not feed on the outside of wood; they prefer dark, damp spaces. The wood in your home may look just fine from the outside, even if a problem exists. Tap the wood to see if there is a hollow sound. If there is, you might be dealing with hungry termites.

Mud Tunnels on Walls Termites like to build mud tunnels or tubes on the outside of homes and on other surfaces. This allows them access to moisture when they are searching for new food. If you see these tunnels, you may have termites.

Discarded Wings Do you see a clump of discarded wings or a swarm of insects outside of your home? Those might be termites. Call a professional to inspect for the possibility of termites.
CVA Exterminators 253-3070

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Greater than Grass
Artificial Turf Saves Water & Time

The biggest water consumer in your yard: the lawn! And the same can be said about time consumption, too. Hands down, you'll save significant resources by getting rid of the grass. For some, that means permeable ground covers like gravel or mulch; others will pick pavers. But what if you really love the way grass looks, feels and performs? Go for artificial turf. Today's faux grass looks incredibly natural, is soft underfoot and is pet and kid friendly, too. Even after a very wet winter, we're still in a drought; water-wise is now a way of life. Get rid of the sprinklers - but keep the (Artificial!) grass.
E & J Construction & Landscape 250-1638

OwLee available at Oasis
OwLee available at Oasis
Made in the Shade

Packed with features and function, quality patio umbrellas provide shade that is versatile, practical and durable - even up against Santa Clarita weather. Choose a multi-position umbrella that can shade different areas depending on your immediate need, like dining, seating and lounging. The best will have a quality tilt-and-lock system to tilt the canopy at virtually any angle. Some also include an easy-to use foot pedal to rotate the canopy easily over multiple settings. It is the perfect shade alternative and, even better - umbrellas like these are offered in many fashion-forward fabrics. Just remember: If you are not using the umbrella, make sure you have it closed down and bound. With unpredictable Santa Clarita winds, a single gust can cause extensive damage to your umbrella and anything in its path. A heavy-duty umbrella stand is a necessary accessory.
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909
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