Season of Change
April, 2015 - Issue #126
Warmer weather means outdoor living in the SCV. Here are our favorite ways to get the most out of your yard!

Put in that Pool for Endless Summer Fun Year Round
Here's our dreamy summer to-do list: hide in a water cave; sail down a slide into the pool; blow bubbles under colored lights; stretch out on an underwater bench; shoot a three pointer from the spa; soak in a hot spa with Twirly Bird jets; relax on a Baja step with an umbrella overhead; go for a night swim while listening to shooting deck jets playfully dancing while colored lights sparkle in the moonlight; and smile as the sun gleams on gorgeously-colored glass pool tiles. It's all possible - and now's the time to create a custom pool that matches your budget.
Thomas Pools 810-2333

Build a Private Escape with Plants
Perhaps one of the most difficult elements to creating a backyard escape is making the area seem entirely set apart from the rest of the world. Santa Clarita homes are often spaced tightly together, making it challenging to cultivate a sense of isolation. Through creative use of drought-friendly plants like some hedges, trees and ivy, though, SCV homeowners can build a stay-cation style oasis that provides privacy, beauty and functionality. When paired with creative, well-planned design that accounts for noise reduction, privacy improvements and aesthetics, as well as water-wise tranquility add-ons like fountains, ponds and pools, your backyard can feel like a high-end resort... and you're the VIP.
NV Landscape, Inc. 286-8888

Customize your Space with Motorized Retractable Screens for Patios & Porches
Designed to prevent insects from entering your indoor and outdoor living spaces, provide shade from the direct glare of sunlight and enhance your privacy, Executive motorized screens appear at the touch of a button - and retract out of sight when not needed. Depending on the selected mesh type, these retractable screens also help reduce your air conditioning costs, lowering the amount of energy used to cool the house in summer. Executive motorized retractable screens by Phantom provide real benefits without blocking your views.
Phantom Screens of Southern California 800-665-8200

Maximize Functionality in Small Spaces
Even in tight quarters, SCV homeowners are creating luxurious backyard escapes
complete with distinctive spaces for food prep, entertainment and play. Expand your home's livable square footage by dividing your petite yard into
highly-usable areas with smart design that puts every inch to use. Trending now: a mix of stamped-concrete hardscape that features fiber mesh to reduce cracking paired with customized elements like firepits, outdoor kitchens and even in-ground spas and pools. The scale may be smaller, but the fun is full size.
SCV Landscaping 510-6529

Choose the Prettiest Pavers for Patios, Landscapes & More
From eye-catching driveways to stunning patios and serene landscapes, Belgard offers an array of products to complement your home and help you create the perfect dreamscape. Explore a number of styles of permeable and interlocking pavers as well as options for retaining walls, fire pits and outdoor ovens.
SCV Design Center, Inc. 284-5944

Before Enjoying Spring, Clean Up Winter Damage
Before we can fully enjoy all that spring time has to offer, we may first need to clean up some of the damage caused by winter.
Lawn - Rake your grass and give it the first fertilization of the season.

Flowers - If last year's flowers are long gone, till compost into the flower bed and plant early spring annuals. Or if your flower bed contains perennials, lightly till the area surrounding the plants and add mulch and fertilizer, which will encourage the plants to come back to life.

Trees - Signs that trees require pruning include crossing, dead or decayed branches or limbs impinging on the house or utility lines.

Debris - Remove debris around the perimeter of your house. Debris also collects in rain gutters and should be unclogged to keep rain water moving away from your home's foundation.
Green Thumb International 259-1072
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