Spring Fling
Getting your Home Ready for the Season
April, 2018 - Issue #163
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Replacing Retro Fit Windows this Spring
Today's energy-efficient windows pay for themselves in resource savings, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus, the best windows will also prevent sun damage to any furniture or flooring that's window adjacent. When you add in the improved style and functionality of new windows, they're a no brainer. Wondering how to sort through the multitude of technical and design options? Work with a pro - and ask about Simonton windows, which, as an Energy Star partner, have been proven to reduce your home's heating and cooling costs. Advanced glass features allow you to reach optimum efficiency in any climate. Simonton's weather resistance also helps make leaky, drafty windows and doors a thing of the past.
Mike's Windows & Door, Inc. 296-9195

To Prevent Rodent Infestation, Start from the Outside & Work In
Because this winter has been light on precipitation, food and water sources for rodents has become very limited - forcing them to source for sustenance close to your home. All the new development isn't helping, either, because natural habitats are disappearing. A perfect storm for rodent infestation is brewing - and it's best to get ahead of it. The most effective method of rodent elimination starts from the outside, identifying all points of entry. Then the tough work really starts, as rodents like to nest in walls, in vents and in the back of pantries and cabinets. If you see any sign of rodents - tiny droppings, for example - or hear scratching, squeaking or rustling, call an exterminator immediately.
CVA Exterminators 253-3070

Protect your Patio Furniture with Quality Covers
Whether it is a dusty, windy day, or an afternoon drizzle, weather in Santa Clarita can take a toll on the look of your patio furniture any time of year. To keep your outdoor living space looking its best, cover your furniture when you are not using it. Premium protective covers will shelter your investment from the harshest conditions. You can purchase covers for each of your pieces or one that will cover an entire set. Don't forget your umbrellas! If you have an odd-shaped table or a barbecue island, you can have a quality cover made to match your specifications. This tip will be helpful when a beautiful weekend comes along and you don't have to spend precious time hosing off the dust and water spots. Just remove the covers and relax!
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

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courtesy of Shutterstock
Add a Splash of Fun to your Space
The old adage, "Your kids are only young once," is true - except that we like to think that we've never grown up! With that in mind, let us humbly suggest that your next big home improvement be a pool complete with all the fun bells and whistles. From slides to rock grottos, diving boards to little-one-friendly zero-entry pool design, you'll feel 10 again. Here's the deal: Water in movement turns a static pool into an interactive experience that can mask outside nose so that you feel entirely secluded. Whether you choose natural shades and elements or you want a pool that pops, consider choosing a contractor with years of experience in making clients' backyard dreams come true.
Thomas Pools 441-3411
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