Spring Forward
towards More Refined Outdoor Living
March, 2018 - Issue #162
Luxurious Living Surroundings Transcend Time & Place
There are backyards - and then there are transcendental outdoor living spaces. If you covet the latter, this is the time to partner with a passionate environmental design expert and ignite your inner visionary. Curate an artistic expression of nature with sophisticated design that coordinates beautifully with your tastes, desires and the architecture of your home. Discerning homeowners understand that elements like a rustic stone fireplace do more than just keep guests warm; the dancing flames can mesmerize when positioned perfectly among the elements. Dramatic recirculating water features; a stunning custom pool; gorgeously-hued stamped concrete and an expansive, luxurious outdoor kitchen can inspire a deep pride of ownership. Flawlessly designed inspirational spaces do not happen by accident. Superior design is the result of artistry and decades - in the case of BSH, nearly three - of experience.
BSH Landscape & Hardscape Design 287-9568

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Now is the Time to Plant Shade & Fruit Trees
Early spring in Santa Clarita means that chance of a freeze has nearly entirely diminished - and it also means that this is your last best chance before fall to plant trees that will make a real difference to not only the attractiveness of your property, but possibly your health and energy bills, too.

Early spring and fall are often cited as the best times to plant trees, since more energy of the plant can go into developing a healthy root system before the pressure of leafing or fruit production comes into play. So, what to plant now? What you like to eat! Select a large-bucket fruit tree from your favorite nursery and you could be harvesting fresh, organic citrus - even apples, pears and stone fruit - a year later. Think of the money you'll save - not to mention the benefit of being better connected to a sustainable food source.

And speaking of savings: shade trees! Speak to a garden pro who can advise placement and species selection to reduce your home cooling costs during the nine months a year SCVians have to run the air conditioner. Top spots for shade trees include the driveway, to keep cars cooler, and yard - ideally lined with large window groupings.
Green Thumb International 259-1071

Make a Great Escape - for Less
There are lounge chairs - and then there are "sink down, settle down and never want to get up again" loungers that cradle your every curve. Choose the latter for the ultimate escape plan - one where you must only make it to the back yard to be transported somewhere warm, tropical and luxurious. Quality loungers last for years and are worth the investment; you'll soon find that they're the best seat in or out of the house. Even better - right now, there are dozens deeply discounted! (But not for long. Call for details!)
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

Swim More, Maintain Less
It has never been more convenient, or more fun, to own a backyard pool. Automated control functions let you put your pool maintenance on the back burner while still enjoying a sparkling swim environment. No more worrying about heating, lighting, sanitation, filtration cycles and more; now your primary pool chore can be choosing the day's floatation device (Our vote: The puffy pizza slice floatie!). Couple that with professional maintenance from the company you trusted to build your pool in the first place and you have a winning combination any pool lover should dive into.
Thomas Pools 441-3411

SCV Water invites customers to "get acquainted" with its new divisions by featuring informative lobby displays with opportunities for the public to comment on the agency's future operations. Engaging the public is an important objective at the new agency. Two years were spent gathering ideas and feedback from customers to help shape the new agency's priorities. Welcome tables are set up at the Newhall, Santa Clarita and Valencia divisions, offering visitors brochures and comment cards, as well as complimentary water bottles, pens and packaged cookies bearing the recently-selected SCV Water logo. SCV Water began serving the Santa Clarita Valley on January 1, 2018. The new agency was formed under Senate Bill 634. With greater efficiency as the primary goal of forming the new agency, SCV Water brings numerous benefits for the region, including $14 million in savings in the first 10 years by cutting costs of redundant services and optimizing staffing and resources.
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