Summer Lovin'
Seasonal Exterior Upgrades
July, 2017 - Issue #154
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courtesy of Shutterstock
Replace Grass Lawns with
Multi-dimensional Design

Summer tends to be hard on lawns, making this season a grand time to rip out your struggling strands of greenery. But what to replace it with? You'd be bright to choose a water-friendly combination of trees, liquid-sipping ornamentals, permeable ground covers and hardscape. Some of the best arbor options bear fruit; if you're going to utilize limited water, you might as well eat the "fruits" of your labor! Fig trees boast beautiful waxy, brilliant-green leaves and produce plenty of organic fruit - plus cooling shade! Deer grass in shades of amber introduce pops of color in your yard, as well as a fair share of texture, height and movement. They're a fab choice for water conservation, too. Fuse these options with a permeable ground cover like pebbles, mulch or gravel that's orientated to assist in natural water percolation to our ground supplies below. Finish the effort with hardscape that unifies each zone of your yard for maximum enjoyment.
NV Landscape 286-8888

Enjoy your Space more with a Gas Outdoor Fire Pit
The calm, warm feeling of an outdoor fire pit will create the perfect setting for your gatherings, especially if it's as easy to use as one of the new gas models. One of the main advantages of a gas fire pit is that it gives off a great amount of heat. This is crucial for those who will be using their fire pit during the cold months or for a little bit of added comfort while you entertain year round. A gas fire pit is also very easy to operate. The only thing that you need to do to get started is turn the gas on and light it. This will give you a flame, and that is all there is to it! There is no fire to start or wood to burn. Unlike a wood fire pit, all you need to do is turn the gas off when you're done; no clean up is necessary!
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

Reinvent your Exterior/Interior Transitions with a Moving Wall System
Create an entertainer's paradise with AG Millworks moving wall systems that seamlessly join your outdoor and indoor living spaces for a more open, luxurious ambience.
Mike's Windows & Doors 296-9195

Give Ants the Boot for Good
Thanks to a very wet winter, this ant season is also one for the record books. Ant invasions have already started and when they do, they can be hard to stop. Get ahead of them - or fight back - with twice-yearly ant service that's part of a customized three-zone pest treatment. The Premium Z3 Pest Service is a must in areas like ours where ants and other "creepy crawlies" are hard to eradicate.
CVA Exterminators 253-3070

Freshen the Look of Your Older Home
One of the best ways to revitalize the look and feel of an older home is to add a new coat of paint. Older homes often have paint that is peeling, cracking and flaking off, which can result in serious exterior damage over the years. Professional color consultants and qualified paint technicians are ready to help you choose and apply the perfect paint colors to enhance curb appeal, bring new life to the interior or even paint older kitchen cabinets.
ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting 846-2928
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