The SCV is in a Drought... and You Can Help!
June, 2014 - Issue #116
Smart Controllers do the math so you don't have to! They'll identify weather patterns and adjust watering amounts and frequencies so that no precious drop is ever wasted.

You've probably heard a lot about the drought - especially now that folks are gearing up for summer.

But just how serious is it? The honest truth: these circumstances are extraordinary - we're in a severe drought.

2013 was the driest year on record for much of California and, on top of that, water allocations for the State Water Project -where the Santa Clarita Valley gets its imported water from - have been cut to only 5 percent for 2014.

We're uncertain of how long the drought will continue, so we're asking residents to take action now by building good water-saving habits. It will have an impact on our immediate future and help protect against long-term impacts of the drought.

Start by focusing on outdoor water savings.

Drought-friendly plants, like the Society Garlic pictured here, are attractive, water-smart landscaping choices.

Get a Free Smart Controller at
A smart controller is a device designed to reduce runoff and save water by analyzing the weather conditions to give your landscape the water it really needs.

Reduce Watering Times by Watering Between 2am and 6am
Watering early takes advantage of when winds are at their lowest, so that more water reaches your plants and less is lost in windy conditions. Change your start time to a time between 2am and 6am and reduce your watering time by 20 percent.

Plant SCV-friendly Plants
You can find some inspiration for your landscape and a list of SCV-friendly plants at

The Family of Water Suppliers consists of Castaic Lake Water Agency, L.A. County Waterworks District #36, Newhall County Water District, Santa Clarita Water Division, Valencia Water Company and the City of Santa Clarita. For more ways to reduce your outdoor and indoor use by 20 percent, visit
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