The Secret Garden
photography by Ted Dayton
August, 2008 - Issue #46
It's no secret that the garden can be a
but there's much more than meets the eye.
Fill your space with accessories that
do more than decorate for a
truly existential experience.

Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909
Message from Above
Feathered friends can bring more than good cheer to a garden. Some believe that local birds also carry meaning and strength to those who gaze at them. The Dove, for example, can encourage the ability to mourn the past and bring new things to life. The Pigeon represents love and fertility. The Red-tailed Hawk is thought to carry messages from the creator. Draw them in with a comfortable "home" and quality seed.

Bella Venezia 254-2246
Bella Venezia 254-2246
The Tale of Two Pillars
Ancients believed that our planet was flat. Earth, it was said, was supported by two Pillars of God. From Stonehenge to Indian temples and beyond, academics have followed the use of pillars as a key component in religious worship. Select your favorites as a reminder that the unwavering support of another is never beyond your grasp.

Emma's Nest 295-3994
Precious Jewels
Jewels, and their rich tones, are coveted not only for market value, but their perceived powers. Select a collection that reflects your needs. The red garnet inspires passion, romance, reflection
and creativity - as well as self confidence. Citrine can calm feelings of inadequacy and cultivate optimism and willpower. Green Tourmaline strengthens both spirit and body.

Advantage Tile Stone Design, Inc. 295-9821
Advantage Tile Stone Design, Inc. 295-9821
"The Bug of Our Lady"
Few know that the cheerful ladybug was, hundreds of years ago, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Long considered a primary symbol of fortune and luck, these delicate insects are a practical necessity for any garden. Plant dill, caraway, cilantro, fennel, dandelions or scented geraniums to draw "The Bug of our Lady" to your home.

Macc Designs 295-7755
Macc Designs 295-7755
Let there be (Candle) Light
No matter how deep the darkness, the light of a single candle can break through. Its flame can inspire, comfort and enlighten. Whether you have cause to celebrate or grieve, doing so by the glow of a candle joins you with people of every faith - and ultimately connects you to the joys and sorrows of all of us.

Rooms to Roam 259-7890
Rooms to Roam 259-7890
KissingFrogs to Find a Prince
The Brothers Grimm may not have known that their popular story - of a spoiled princess who befriends a frog (who happens to
"really" be a handsome prince) - would serve as encouragement
to women (and frog-like men) the world over.

Green Thumb International 259-1072
Green Thumb International 259-1072
A Mass of Possibilities
Water, an entirely shapeless element on its own, perfectly forms to any design of that which surrounds it. Water reminds us of unrealized potential; it is thus the origin of all things new. Focus on the fluidity of water when in search of fresh beginnings.

McKenna & Greene 296-0935
McKenna & Greene 296-0935
The Sanctity of the Lily
The fleur de lis ("lily flower" in French) has long stood as a sign of purity. Lore dictates that the flower sprung from Eve's tears as
she fled the Garden of Eden; it was also the flower of the Greek moon goddess, Hera. In more recent history, the fluer de lis was associated with French royalty.
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