All Is Bright
December, 2021 - Issue #206
Holiday Design Design Tips by Jeanna Loves Christmas
The Santa Clarita home of Rene and Sabrin Patino - as well as their children, Sofia, 5 and Natalia, 7 months - boasts a classic Tuscan look 11 months of the year. But, come Christmas, the expansive home is elevated with sparkling holiday decorations that enhance - not compete - with the property's original aesthetic purpose.

TIP: Read the Room
When it comes to designing holiday decor, read the room. I design for spaces, not people, which is why the palette sits so well in the space. The homeowners I work with put a lot of love and thought into every detail of a room and holiday decor should be an extension of that. Inherently, there will be a sense of belonging that will make the holiday decor feel like it was always meant to be there and when it's gone, it's missed!

"We received some surprise news," says the homeowner, "and I had to call Jeanna and ask, 'Do you have any more stockings that match?' She had one more. It was meant to be!" Natalia, now 7 months old, will be celebrating her first Christmas in front of this mantel.

TIP: Consider the Entire Space
Instead of decorating room by room, consider the space as a whole. Let the design travel with the eye from room to room. The main tree is the star but every accent can be an award-winning supporting act. Christmas decor is an ensemble from start to finish.

"I love having flocked trees in this space - the ornaments light up in the tree and the whole room seems to glow. It's magical," says the homeowner.

TIP: Twinning is Winning
With only 36 inches in diameter, these trim-flocked twins create a big Christmas Mood in the formal dining room, which is also visible from all spaces in the downstairs of this home. Without taking away any usable space for the holidays, this placement is a merry maker.

TIP: Don't Forget the Flock
Minimal in decor, a flocked tree glows like snow on Christmas morning. When you really get up close and personal, the simplicity is quite possibly the most surprising part. Attention to the smallest details always make the biggest impression. The palette in this room was inspired by this wall art - the colors flow seamlessly together and pop against the flocked needles of the trees.

TIP: Choose Unique Solutions for Special Spaces
This double-sided wreath dresses both sides of this custom iron balcony - neutral in color, extra in sparkle. It's a Christmas kissed holiday decor solution!

Holiday designer Jeanna Crawford of Jeanna Loves Christmas designed this festive look for the Patino family four years ago and has returned each November to install and upgrade the design. "Not all Christmases are red," says Crawford of the home's color palette. "Wintery blues make for a very festive holiday look."

"Once Jeanna decorates, we're in the family room all day," says Sabrin, who has crafted sweet holiday traditions in the space with her children. "We read books by the tree at night, make gingerbread houses, decorate cookies... just hanging out in our decorated rooms makes the season brighter."

TIP: Sometimes, Skip the Tree
Not all rooms need a tree. This formal sitting room is gently accessorized to make spirits bright while still making sure there is ample space for the hearts that live here and their guests.

"I saw Jeanna's work and I was in awe! With kids and all there is to get done in daily life, I didn't think I could decorate myself this way, but I still wanted to have the warm, comforting 'wow' look that she's so clearly mastered. Now that she does it for us, we can sit back, relax and enjoy," says Sabrin Patino.

TIP: Remember that Details make the Memories
This scaled-down Nativity scene in burnished metallics is so special and a constant visual reminder that it all comes down to One. A small swag with battery-operated lights keeps this scene aglow day and night.

Jeanna Crawford has been working professionally as a high-end holiday designer for over two decades. Now she shares inspiration and DIY direction as a tutorialist via her brand, Jeanna Loves Christmas. Learn more from Jeanna by following Jeanna Loves Christmas on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
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