Cape Cod in California
February, 2012 - Issue #88
photography by Ted Dayton

When John Rocke and his partner Kathleen J. Burns moved into their Valencia home a year ago, their intentions were clear. "We wanted a great place to entertain and we wanted to create a hotel-like atmosphere for our guests," says Rocke. Remodeling began not long after the couple took residence.

The end result is 3,600-square-feet of resort-like spaces. "It's very 'Cape Cod,'" explains the homeowner.
Without the help of a gifted designer, though, the remodel could have been anything but "a day at the beach."

By no coincidence, when Kathleen's vision paired with designer Kathy Phillipson's skill, the goal was more than met. "Kathy of Kathy's Kitchen & Bath Design worked her bumpers off on this house, and it shows," says Rocke.

The praise is mutual. "I have to give most of the credit to the homeowner. Katie already had a vision of what she wanted throughout the house. As a designer, it is my job to make the vision or ideas become functional realities as well as esthetically pleasing. Each area must be designed to create harmonious spaces that are also a safe environment for the client," says Phillipson.

All told, Phillipson designed and executed the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, upstairs hallway, laundry room and bathrooms. She also redesigned the den ceiling and oversaw many other home improvements. "She listened carefully and went with what we wanted," says Rocke.

Dress your Windows with a Classic
"There are as many ways to dress a window as there are to dress you and I," says Tami Smight, ASID and owner of Tami Smight Interiors, a full-service interior design firm. "If you love the softness of a fabric drapery and need the practicality of a shade, than a classic Roman shade offers you the best of both. Roman shades are the perfect design solution for the window requiring a simple, functional soft treatment. Roman shades can be made in elegant silks, soft sheers and velvety chenilles, to suit a variety of design styles," she explains; 430-0127

Things to Consider when Caring for your Tile
Most tile is durable, however it is not indestructible and can crack or chip. When moving heavy objects take proper precautions; cover furniture and table legs to protect your tile from scratching. Clean up spills as soon as possible so your grout does not become stained. Remember to never use ammonia-based cleaners or bleach as they can discolor your grout if used too often. Don't use any abrasives, scouring powders or steel wool, either, as they can scratch the finish of your tile. Don't wait until your tile "looks" dirty to have it cleaned; by the time it "looks" dirty it is likely overdue. Use a professional cleaner as often as necessary to clean your tile, as the dirt on your tile can track onto your carpet. Truly Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc uses a dry method to clean your tile and grout - it is a corn-husk-based product that is safe for children and pets and, because it is dry, there is no damage to adjacent carpeting; 476-7775

What Exactly does "Distressed" Mean?
Imagine a perfect sitcom set up. The prime-time mother tells her precocious child that their new wood floors are "distressed." The clever pre-teen replies with, "Distressed? What are they so upset about?"

You may know that while distressed flooring lacks emotional problems, it rarely lacks style. Rooted (pun intended) in history, these natural flooring options were once scraped carefully by hand in order to ensure a flat surface.

Today, the hardwoods are either distressed by hand or machine in order to add a rustically-refined patina to the home. Depending on the maker, your distressed flooring may be intentionally dented, unevenly sanded or even split. The finest floors are hand-scraped by artisans who've mastered the "reclaimed" look.

It's time for Bare Root Planting
Berries, fruit trees and roses are all available in bare-root form. According to Green Thumb Garden Center, this is the best time for the greatest selection. There are over 100 varieties of bare root roses. (Bare root means these plants have been in growing fields for several years, then dug up and kept hydrated.)

Bare root plants are easy to plant. Just dig a hole bigger than the plant, add some enriched soil and bone meal, place the bare root plant in the hole and finish with the remaining dirt that was originally dug out. No fertilizer is necessary until spring; 259-1072

Carpet Cleaning can be Residue Free
Only truck-mounted, hot-water extraction (steam cleaning) employs a rinse step to leave your carpet as residue free as possible. Certified technicians are trained to apply the correct amount of cleaning agents and moisture to properly clean the carpet fiber from the base up. Contrary to some claims, carpet backing and padding are not over-wet by truck-mounted hot-water extraction. The world's largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw, states that "proof of periodic steam cleaning by a professional cleaning service" is required in order to maintain their warranties. CBC Cleaning & Restoration uses truck-mounted hot-water extraction performed by certified technicians. CBC is an IICRC/Clean Trust Certified Firm. According to a statement by the IICRC, "Regular professional cleaning using a Certified Firm is as important to your carpet as having a trained mechanic perform routine tune-ups on your car." CBC Cleaning & Restoration is a trusted family owned and operated business, serving Santa Clarita and surrounding areas since 1978; 294-2221
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