Eclectic Comfort & Design in Westridge
November, 2016 - Issue #145

ABOVE The home's formal dining room, with its wrought-iron chandelier, distressed leather chairs (Available at Bella Venezia.), chocolate-brown raw-silk sheen draperies (Handmade by the homeowner, complete with feather boa accents.) and grand table, commands attention. The homeowner designed the tall wingbacks herself, selecting the olive-green velvet snakeskin-style fabric to coordinate perfectly with the piece's rustic studs. RIGHT Atop the buffet table, selected from Bella Venezia, rests plumes of peacock feathers, adding height and a touch of the eclectic to the space.

When one hears the word "eclectic" in reference to interior design, most immediately presume that the result will be a smorgasbord of upcycled thrift-store finds and bold colors. In the case of this Westridge home, however, it translates visually to a collection of rich textures, surprising accents and handmade intentions.

ABOVE The home's great room is where the family spends the most time; it's a comfortable place to kick up feet, reconnect and watch a favorite show. "I wanted it to be different, more eclectic," says the homeowner, explaining how her distinctive selections like handmade brocade drapes and custom built-in set the tone for the space. The espresso-leather seating and organic elements like the warm textured-wood floor transition beautifully into the adjacent kitchen.

Customization abounds in the grand home; most window coverings were made by the homeowner herself. It's not easy, after all, to find a professional drape maker who regularly incorporates luxe feather boas into the design.
Much of the furniture, too, was made by hand - a great deal imported from exotic India, where craftsman details like handcarving clearly mark the collection as one of a kind.

ABOVE The cabinetry was light wood before it was refinished with a mid-level variegated dark finish that continues through the home. "We wanted the great room and the kitchen to serve as one expansive gathering place for family and friends," says the homeowner. Elements like the oversized island make that a simple goal to fulfill; barstools pull up to the dark-olive and granite prep spot. LEFT The kitchen nook is the perfect place to chat over a cup of coffee during breakfast or to grab a quick meal in the middle of a busy day. Whether relaxing or rushing, the tranquil space with travertine underfoot is one to appreciate.

ABOVE The master bedroom was built for peaceful rejuvenation; the emphasis here is on comfort and calm. Even the chocolate-brown velvet headboard beckons you to sink down into the mattress. "All the furniture is original," says the homeowner. Above the bed, two framed prints from Ma Maison read, "All for Love" and "Love for All," keeping with the room's theme. RIGHT A green chair waits to assist during a routine shoe tie or, in a pinch, to serve as a butler for belongings. The armoire, imported from India, was selected from Bella Venezia.
As any good eclectic design would ensure, color is celebrated here. Olive may be the most popular and often appears as a neutral in rooms dramatically varying in purpose like the kitchen and master bedroom. A dark-wood finish also carries through the home; the mildly-distressed look adds a sense of timelessness.

RIGHT The home's original railings were white; the homeowners removed them, then installed dark wood and iron that boasts a lightly-distressed finish. The handcarved wooden bench adjacent was imported from India. "We wanted a more dramatic stairway and entrance," says the homeowner regarding the remodeled space. BELOW The family's expansive coastal-themed yard, complete with a sandy bank, rockslide lagoon-shaded pool, slotted pergola and comfortable outdoor furniture makes it the 'fun' house on the street.

Organic elements thrive in this space; the green and chocolate veins that haphazardly course through the kitchen island's stonework are an exquisite metaphor for the entire home. Nature can be refined to a point - polished, but never entirely controlled. The same can be said for the Westridge home's decidedly eclectic design.
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