Family Inspired
January, 2013 - Issue #99
When homeowners Doug and Pat Green designed their home, they intended it to be a family refuge where loved ones could gather and celebrate. Pat Green takes pride in making their loving home an oasis, ideal for all functions and parties.

Go Custom to take Advantage of your Space
Handcrafted sofas can now be custom designed in special sizes - down to the inch! - from quality furniture stores. Maximize your room's socializing possibilities by using your room's space to its fullest advantage.

Put your Treasured Souvenirs on Full Display
Using hand-loomed tapestries found on travels and unique accessories acquired abroad gives a homeowner a sense of pride in their life's experiences. Souvenirs can be mixed with found treasures to assist in "telling" the family's story.

Draperies can Serve as a Frame
Using draperies to adorn and "frame out" French doors as a way to soften a space and add color to the walls.

Put your Heirloom on Display - or Invest in One
If your family is lucky enough to inherit a grandfather clock, there is no better allocation than the foyer. If you aren't, then why not consider purchasing your family's future heirloom in commemoration of a special event? Many couples choose to celebrate special anniversaries by bringing a grandfather clock into the family.

Find a Table that can Fit Everyone
When outfitting a formal dining room for a large family, it's imperative to find a table that can expand into banquet size. Many collections now have elegant tables with leaves that enlarge to seat 14 to 16 people.

Don't Dismiss China Cabinets
China cabinets are making a comeback as families see the value in dinner time together and want the warmth of a beautifully-plated home-cooked meal.

Live Outdoors
Whole new rooms can be added to a home with a porch or patio without even remodeling - just use the right furniture! With many electronics now offered in water resistant varieties, there's no reason not to enjoy Monday night football on the outdoor sofa.

The Highlight of the Master Bedroom
The space above the master bed is not a wall to be ignored. Placing a work of art above the bed can add drama and height to the room. If you're concerned about installing weighty frames over your mattress, consider a soft tapestry or lightweight painted canvas instead.

Use Texture to Add Interest
A rustic rock fireplace comes alive in style and spirit when surrounded by cozy chenilles and silks. Mixing the sheen of silks and the nubby softness of chenille creates a sense of elegance without formality.

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