Home Away From Home
When Guests Visit from Out of Town, Well-Prepared Hosts have All their Bases Covered
November, 2005 - Issue #13
So you've decided to play host to out-of-town friends or relatives this holiday season... how nice of you!

While you may be having fantasies of big family meals and fun outings, there's more to being a great host than food in the refrigerator and a filled social calendar. Of course you love your abode, but there may be some temporary changes that should be made to make your guests truly comfortable.


Fido might be cute, but if your friends are allergic to animal dander, he may turn into a traveling sneeze machine. Under extreme circumstances, consider boarding your favorite four-legged pal during your guest's stay. At the very least, keep your animals out of the guest room - you may not mind waking up to kitty hair stuck to your face, but that can't be assumed for everyone.

Kid Safety

If your guests have children, making the environment safe for them is a must-do. Fill exposed outlets with pre-shaped plastic pieces and lock up cleaning supplies. You should also move breakable knick-knacks to higher shelves that are out of reach. If you really want to go the extra mile, stock up on crayons, coloring books and crafts that will keep the children occupied and away from your stuff.

The Bedroom

Our multi-tasking society usually requires the same from our space. Your guest room is probably your office/storage facility, as well, but before you get the "We're here!" knock at the door, a quick clean-out is required.

While it's tempting to shove your stuff into the closet or available drawer, keep in mind that your guests may enjoy unpacking their suitcase, so leave some space for them, too.

Fresh flowers are always a nice final touch. Leaving a small arrangement on the bedside table makes guests feel welcome and less of an imposition. Order yours from Charmaine's Florist (297-3100) and they'll be available for pickup or delivery the same day.

You may also consider going the extra mile and treating them to spa-like pleasures for a true luxury feel. Eucalyptus Spa Booties ($33) and Wrap ($29.50) from Outdoor Spaces (254-6100) are perfect choices that will make your guest's feel like royalty. Just be sure that you'd like an extra visit from them in the future - with forward-thinking like this, you'll be at the top of the "Must Visit Again Soon" list.

The Pantry

Having your guest's favorite snacks, or going to the trouble to address their special dietary needs, is a sure sign that you're a great host. Take the extra step and do something for yourself at the same time by installing custom roll out shelves to make the process of finding their favorite brand of potato chip so much easier. Shelves to Drawers (800-343-5835) works with your existing cabinets to make the improvement quick, clean and painless.
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