Home for the Holidays in the Westridge Estates
January, 2016 - Issue #135

ABOVE The home's sparkling nine-foot tree is raised to further elevate the design. "Our holiday designer and my wife Loretta really influenced the style and the amount of features we selected. We didn't want to overdo it," says Tom Tunnicliffe.

The Tunnicliffe family's Westridge estate is where Tom, wife Loretta and children Roxanne and Gwen reside - and during the holidays, it's also home to refined holiday splendor.

ABOVE Crown moulding was recently added to this room. "We are trying to add more details and refined elements to warm up the house and give it an elegant feel," says the homeowner. The mirror and topiaries were purchased from Bella Venezia Home & Decor. INSET The stone-encrusted wine room can be accessed through the formal dining room and can hold about 200 of the family's favorite bottles.

ABOVE The estate's entry features a faux three-stage paint treatment with complementary color on archways and down the corridor with the intention of "warming up" the space. The table was selected from Bella Venezia Home & Decor. INSET The entry's corridor is where fine furnishings from Bella Venezia Home & Decor serve as both interest pieces and a gathering spot for easy-to-misplace items. LEFT Tom Tunnicliffe's office recently was revitalized with ceiling pockets for additional design detail, warmth and dimension. The elegant space is made more so with rich wood cabinetry speckled with decor elements chosen from Bella Venezia.

"It was important to us to decorate for the holidays in a way that was respectful to the standard of the home and its Spanish Colonial design," says Tom. "Rather than attempt that ourselves, we brought in an expert and followed her direction. She has such a good feeling for the house and understood our desire for refined elegance. It was important to us to have a couple really dramatic pieces - the tree and the garland on the banister, mantel and in the dining room. We love it; it's just the right touch... not too much while still making a statement. We didn't want to overdo it."

LEFT The Spanish Colonial-style kitchen might be architecturally resonate with the home's bones, but the space's appliances are nothing if not state of the art. Antique subway tiles line the kitchen backsplash with bursts of color thanks to the handpainted Spanish colonial tile. ABOVE The kitchen's breakfast area serves up more than pancakes on relaxed weekend mornings; the warm filtered sunlight dances across the family's table, purchased from Bella Venezia Home & Decor. INSET A heartily-built hutch is where the family's collection of Gracious Goods serveware is stored. Bella Venezia Home & Decor boasts the largest collection of in-stock GG serveware in Santa Clarita.

The house, which was purchased by the Tunnicliffes in 2014, is filled with furniture and decor that coordinates with the architectural theme of the space. Hortencia of Bella Venezia Home & Decor (254-2246) was extensively relied upon to provide guidance and "just the right piece" to make the space warm, inviting and comfortable.

ABOVE The family room's convenient catch-all table behind the couch and the space's coffee table were selected from Bella Venezia Home & Decor. RIGHT The Westridge home's exterior is classically illuminated. "We wanted to highlight the architecture without it looking overdone," says Tom Tunnicliffe. The wreath was custom made for this application. "It is such an elegant touch; a great accent," says the homeowner.

"We wanted a genuine feel to the home," shares the homeowner. "Hortencia did more than just sell us furniture. She was very helpful, providing design concepts and becoming instrumental in many of our decisions."

ABOVE In the media room, four television sets allow the family to watch everything at once without having to change the channel. The lamps, pictures, side tables and coffee table were selected from Bella Venezia Home & Decor.
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