House of Carrs, Revisited!
September, 2016 - Issue #143
In 2009, Inside SCV Magazine featured Jim and Maya Carr's Woodlands home interior. (Search "House of Carrs" for that story and accompanying photographs on The expansive space was a reader favorite, with many writing in to share their love of the home's Spanish tile, brickwork, arches, wood beams and built-ins.

What we Love
Textured Stone Surfaces

The Carr's lagoon-shaped pool glimmers like a jewel surrounded by natural stone. Because kids and adults alike get in and out of the water frequently to enjoy the slide, the stone's texture provides an additional layer of security against wet-surface slips.

An Organic Take on Privacy
When is a hedge something more? When it stands in for a wall, providing privacy and protection.

Palm Perfection
The yard's mature trees add a sense of timelessness to the space, with palm trees providing an additional dose of tropical style - perfect for a yard that doubles as a stay-cation.

Seven years later, we heard from the Carr family again. Jim, Maya and their children Dante and Francine are preparing to move - and they wanted to give us a final opportunity to share more of their exquisite home with our readers. Of course, we couldn't resist! Whomever snaps this beauty up will be one lucky homeowner indeed.

What we Love
Timeless Accessories

The best yards have all the creature comforts of the indoors, including accessories that add detail, dimension and a sense of timelessness to your space. Refined Vintage Boutique (505-7175) carries the wide selection of architectural, glass and lighting accessories, pictured here, perfect for the indoors or out.

Deep-seated Patio Furniture
Replicating the comfort and style of interior finds, today's best outdoor pieces match the aesthetic and quality of their interior counterparts. These inviting seating spots, grouped for conversation near the dramatic stone fireplace, were selected from Oasis Garden & Patio.

What we Love
Ornamental Ironwork Paired with Natural Stone

There's something poetic about dramatic iron scrollwork, handcrafted by humankind, when it's paired with the stunning natural fluctuations of stone. In the backyard barbecue area, a shaded bartop is a convenient place to sip under the sun while waiting for steaks to cook to perfection. This well-appointed outdoor kitchen allows for year-round al fresco enjoyment.

Cluster Seating
What good is a stunning space if it doesn't encourage connections between its users? The Carr yard cultivates an environment for relationship building with distinct areas made for sharing thoughts and making memories. Guests can mingle near the stone-sided bar; cozy up in front of the fire; share appetizers at the table or splash in unison in the pool.

What we Love
Timeless Outdoor Furniture
A quality set of patio furniture is an investment, but that choice pays off year after year of enjoyment. Handcrafted sets like this one from Oasis Garden & Patio (255-9909) will stand up to Santa Clarita winds, sunshine and rainstorms.

Sparkling Fire Glass
Perhaps one of our favorite outdoor features is the element of fire, paired to perfection with stunning bits of glass that twinkle magically under the gas flame. The Carr's luxurious firepit boasts expansive semi-surround seating, allowing many a guest to enjoy the warmth of the heat and company. The pillows were chosen from Oasis Garden & Patio; they also have a wide selection of fire glass.
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