Inside SCV Room Makeover
November, 2005 - Issue #13
photos by Ted Dayton

After digging through 100 entries and aligning together a Santa Clarita dream team of designers and contractors, Inside SCV Magazine was able to completely overhaul one family's master bedroom.

We couldn't have done it without the help of A. Allbright Painting, KaBloom, Coming Home Fabrics, Debbie's Sewing & Interiors, Flooring America, Madalian, Preferred Glass & Windows, SCV Moulding and Design Center, and The Vertical Factory. These dedicated professionals generously donated their services and products.

And now on to the results!

The Bedding

Cindy MacLennan describes her old spread of army-green linen as too utilitarian. Her new look is anything but.

Coming Home Fabrics (255-5023) donated all the fabric for both the bedding and the drapes. Tom Fisk, owner of Coming Home Fabrics, suggests that clients choose fabrics in stock, as they can save nearly 50 percent compared to special orders. Because Coming Home Fabrics features over 900 different in-stock items, Tom was able to find the perfect fabric to accent the bedroom.

After selecting the fabric, Debbie, of Debbie's Sewing & Interiors (294-9894), then custom-created the MacLennan's bedspread to coordinate with the faux finish from A.Allbright Painting (294-1159). The fabric also highlighted the warm wood furniture purchased by the homeowners at A Royal Suite.

The luxe pillows sitting atop the spread were created by Madalian (799-7983). These custom accent pillows usually start around $75 and feature quality details like feathers, beads and more.

Don't assume that men will be put off by the feminine touches. Cindy's husband loves the new look so much that he's taken to making the bed.

The Paint

The MacLennan's have lived in their Santa Clarita home since 1995, but that doesn't mean that they ever got around to changing the original "Contractor White" wall shades. A. Allbright Painting (294-1159) fixed the problem by faux finishing one wall, then painting the remaining walls a coordinating sage green shade. The faux finishing created depth and added richness to the small room.

Mirrored Wardrobe Drawers

The MacLennan's bedroom is on the small side, so the design team worked to create the illusion of space. One of the ways the team added room without an addition of square footage was the incorporation of mirrored closet doors from Preferred Glass & Windows (298-2165).

The doors, which provide for the perfect opportunity to check out one's clothing choices in addition to reflecting space and light, also increase the value of the home.


Madalian's (799-7983) was able to provide more than custom pillows. The home indulgence store also provided wall art, vintage-inspired pieces, and help sprucing up the lamps original to the room (the feathers and beading on the lamps added a much-needed custom touch to a store-bought piece). These accents help the room feel more lived-in while still keeping it uncluttered.

The Flowers

Nothing brightens a room like fresh flowers, and the flora selected by KaBloom (799-7993) bring nature inside. The small clusters of monochromatic flowers draws the eye and adds a sense of happiness to the space, while the larger arrangements add drama.

The Drapes

Debbie of Debbie's Sewing & Interiors recognizes that a bedroom is intimate space. With this in mind, she created drapery that could be adjusted to let in more or less light (or peeping eyes). Possibly the most innovative addition to the room was Debbie's creation of a drapery to separate the bedroom from the bathroom.

The Blinds

Greg Schamus of The Vertical Factory (298-1230) selected state-of-the-art PVC blinds that look and feel like fabric, but have incredible durability. Easy to clean, the blinds rarely need maintence because they rarely collect dust due to their vertical design. Additionally, the vertical headrails include a replaceable stem made of high-grade plastic, making them a great choice for homes with kids and pets.

Greg also is responsible for the honeycomb blackout shade on the smaller window, which has remarkable room-darkening capabilities. Homeowner Cindy says, "We had beyond good sleep - I don't even feel like it's my own bedroom anymore!"

The Carpet

The MacLennan family had spent the last few years living on subflooring after a foiled home improvement attempt. Living without carpeting meant cold floors, loud noises and the occasional splinter - not an enviable situation.

Flooring America (255-5599) fixed the problem with the addition of quality carpet and padding. Cindy says, "We slept so well last night - we usually are woken up by little noises, like the cat jumping off the bed, but now those sounds are absorbed."

The neutral carpet shade selected includes hints of gold to accent the wall shade; the color also picks up the undertones of the bedding to increase its eye-appeal.

The Moulding

Little details can make a big difference. The window framing provided by SCV Moulding & Design Center (295-6905) add richness and dimension to the room. It also simultaneously creates a focal point for the large patio window that overlooks the valley. From the entrance of the room, the eye is immediately drawn to the custom framing and the view beyond.

While making a grand statement, the addition of moulding and framing can be an affordable one.

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