Lightening Up in Stevenson Ranch
October, 2016 - Issue #144

The dining room table was re-stained by Suburban Chateau, which is also responsible for the mirrors and paint, to better coordinate with the space's refreshed design. Here, organic texture and geometrical patterns provide a casually-refined backdrop for entertaining.

When life gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade - or, in the case of Scott Zimmerman's Stevenson Ranch house, turn a recent life change into an opportunity to remodel your home into a more accurate reflection of who you are. "With the help of Jen Brown from Surfaces SCV Design Center and Kathy Goldstein of Suburban Chateau, my house was 'lightened up' and made more masculine," says Zimmerman.

ABOVE The living room's organic elements, from distressed-wood styled tiles to filtered rays of natural light - create an ambience of warmth and welcome in the living room. The tiles were custom selected and installed by Surfaces SCV Design Center. INSET "I wanted a place where everyone could be entirely comfortable, a place where we could all settle in and relax," says the homeowner. "And I wanted it to be light, bright and warm. This is a positive space and the tones and light reflect that."

The home, now with a rustic contemporary interior, boasts warm shades of paint, plenty of distressed-wood-style tile, white kitchen cabinetry, plenty of gleaming stone and furniture that invites you to sit and stay awhile.

ABOVE The kitchen remodel fulfilled its intention - and then some. The goal with every room was to make the home more masculine, while still filled with plenty of natural light and neutral colors, many with warm undertones. Even the grey in the kitchen is a 'warm' shade because it balances with the sandy wall color and the warmth of the distressed industrial-style table. The globe lighting was selected from Suburban Chateau. INSET The on-trend island look of the decade: Dropping the luxe material all the way to the floor makes for a dramatic statement. The kitchen stone and tile were professionally designed, sourced and installed by Surfaces SCV Design Center.

"I wanted our home to be a place where my daughters Samantha and Taylor, who lived with me full time and are now in college, to be able to settle in and relax," says Zimmerman. The partner of a major insurance provider leaned heavily on local professionals for the remodel. "The design, kitchen, bath, tile in the living room - that was Jen of Surfaces SCV Design Center - and the furniture and accessories were all from Suburban Chateau," explains the homeowner.

ABOVE A deep soaking tub soothes after a long day while modern lines and earthen shades of taupe, tan and antique white calm the spirit. INSET The vanity makes personal grooming more comfortable - and soothing - thanks to a calming palate.

The result of the whole-home revitalization? "My home has become an escape from the daily hustle and grind. The interior now has the same positive feel as the gorgeous yard with amazing views. There's so much more light and a sense of openness," says Zimmerman.

ABOVE "It was explained to me that sitting areas rarely, if ever, are designed for sitting. That's why we selected furniture from Suburban Chateau to encourage relaxation and connection. This space was inspired by refined cigar lounges - and the deep-seated leather chairs really do encourage guests to sit down, kick up their feet and stay a while," says the homeowner.
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