Masculine Moody Vibe in Santa Clarita
October, 2023 - Issue #224

The formal dining room's layers of blacks, charcoal, leather and linen create a cohesive, masculine, moody vibe.

You know it's going to be good when Rebecca Rollins-Garcia, owner and creative director of Rebecca Rollins Interiors, says, "Hands down, this is one of our best and most favorite remodels to date."

"Adding a great mirror helps this room feel larger while complementing the rest of the space," explains Rollins-Garcia. The concrete chandelier brings in another unique element and is the focal point of this room.

Continues the designer: "It's a reminder not to be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. It will take you places you never imagined!"

"The slatted wall detail behind the tub is the perfect pairing; neither element takes away from the other," explains Rollins-Garcia. The stain finish can also be found on the vanities for a consistent feel throughout.

When the Rebecca Rollins Interiors team met with the homeowners, they found room for improvement.
"We walked into the bathroom and I couldn't believe the amount of wasted space," recalls Rollins-Garcia. "The tub area was larger than the shower and there was so much unused space around the tub. The shower was in the corner and was about half the size as the tub. The double vanity was the only good thing this bathroom had!"

The vanity areas that flank each side of the bathroom are mirrored with a custom wood vanity that have an open grain to give it life. "The wood tone was key to making this bathroom feel warm with all the surrounding cooler tones," shares the designer. The integrated trough sink is made out of the same quartz as the countertop.

The wowing shower is now located where the oversized bathtub used to be - and it's only one of the jaw-dropping gems in the remodeled space.
"That texture-beaded tile behind the mirrors and the custom-curved mirrors with the backlit lighting are incredible. That level of beauty calls for selfies every time you look in the mirror," says the designer.

"The tile is a combination of a textured tile on the back wall and a coordinating stone-looking tile on the sides and ceiling," shares the designer. And it's as functional as it is stunning; this shower has two shower heads, two rain shower heads, three body jets on each side, aromatherapy, Mr. Steam and speakers.

It's all a reflection of the precise work of the RRI team. Even the custom-cut mirrors were templated on site to get the exact curve Rollins-Garcia wanted for the space.
The result? Perfection. "The mix of black metals with the deep wood tones is by far my favorite combination to date," says Rollins-Garcia.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors
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