Napa Valley Outdoor Living
in a Southern Oaks Backyard
April, 2020 - Issue #187

A charming wood swing with luscious knit fabrics and cheery rose florals peek from behind a gray-washed wood farmhouse table on the backyard's main terrace. Mixed bench and straight-back wicker chair seating brings a family feel to their outdoor dining experience and invites an atmosphere of togetherness around a shared table. An expansive wall of bifold glass doors stack open to increase the square footage and create a wide-open space for simultaneous indoor and outdoor living.

Lovers of all things wine and Napa Valley, Preston and Nicole Geeting brought the California Wine Country aesthetic home to their own backyard when they designed this heavenly Yountville-style retreat nestled into the sprawling Southern Oaks hillside. For the Geetings, outdoor living has never been more pleasing to the palette.

A built-in travertine fireplace with a granite hearth brings the natural earth elements of a Northern California landscape into the Geeting's Valencia backyard. Travertine inlay among tufts of synthetic grass anchor the wicker furnishings while complementing the fireplace materials, and the whole look is tied together with classic market lighting to create a stunning outdoor family room under the stars.

"We wanted to create a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor living, so we kept the same interior color palette of grays, creams, whites and some blues to maintain connectivity," said Nicole. The second outdoor lounge area was designed to break up the expansive yard and highlight the fireplace as a focal point for gathering.

The pastel-blue antique-style couch provides the perfect space for entertaining with a pop of color.

"We also wanted to make use of the dead, empty space along our back hillside, and since we love wine, my husband wanted to try planting some vines. It became a real labor of love, and our first bottles should be done this spring," Nicole said. The irrigation, fencing and planting was all done by Preston's own hand, paying homage to a history of Napa Valley winemakers who work intimately with the land. Among the 600 vines planted in 2017, there are five red varietals - the classic Bordeaux blend - as well as three white varietals.

The surrounding greenery was inspired by the Napa landscape, especially the non-fruit bearing Bradford Pear Trees that provide shade, privacy and sense of comfort to the open poolside deck. Twin waterfalls add to the serenity with the sounds of playful running water.

The glittering swimming pool was inspired by a similar one at the Geeting's favorite hotel in Yountville, and it's sparkling blue mosaic wall ties into the interior color palette with cool ease. This lovely watering hole is surrounded by a split-level travertine pool deck, perfect for sunbathing in the summer. Wood decor is kept simple with soft cream cushions and the occasional wine barrel that seems to call out for a chilled, crisp glass of your favorite Napa white.
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