Open & Airy in Santa Clarita
September, 2018 - Issue #168

Beautiful Lived-in Spaces
Decidedly unstuffy, this living room is a kid-friendly retreat where adults also like to meet! The homeowner made sure that all her furniture "looks like you are actually meant to sit on it," not just admire it from afar. Textured fabrics are forgiving to little - and sometimes messy - hands and feet, while a sturdy metal table practically dares you to try and dent it.

Whimsical Accents
Sweet petite bird houses prompt a smile, especially when positioned with plants that give an airy reminder of the outdoors. Other organic elements, like the commanding wood cut-out wall art, woven basket and natural-fiber throw make the space feel comfortably organic.

Pottery with Purpose
Darling pieces give a pop of personality; a little quirky, very cute - and totally different. We're fans!

Farmhouse Tables
There are few pieces of furniture that look better as they get older - and you're looking at the exception to the rule right now. A high-quality wood farmhouse table will get prettier by the year. Scrapes, scuffs, dents and marks only add to its patina and charm.

DIY Chalkpaint Pieces
"It can be frustrating trying to find the perfect sturdy wood piece of furniture these days; nearly everything is made out of particle board or covered with a plastic-like veneer," says the homeowner. "I love the design and durability of all-wood pieces, but they didn't match my aesthetic. I saw videos online teaching about how to refinish furniture with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, so I decided to do it myself. I get my Chalk Paint from Refined Vintage Boutique (505-7175). The owner, Cyndi Rowley, is always available to walk me through a process or answer any questions I have." Accessories were selected from Refined Vintage Boutique.

Simple Buffet Breakfast Spreads
Morning madness can be cured with a serve yourself collection of fresh fruits and baked goods. Tiered serving pieces make the most of the space you have. The placemats and wooden serving pieces are available from Refined Vintage Boutique.

Refined Rattan Seating
Rattan furniture, made from rattan canes and vines, is very similar to bamboo; both are extremely durable with a touch of exotic aesthetic. These rattan chairs get a style upgrade when paired with a refined fabric.

Handmade Tile
These textured beauties, handmade in San Francisco, give a warmth and down-home charm to what can often be a sterile subway pattern.

A Massive Kitchen Sink
Perfect for prepping - and cleaning up after - big meals, this cutting-board adjacent stainless-steel sink is one of the homeowner's favorite kitchen accents.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry
Woodward Kitchen and Bath turned a regular corner space into a functional pantry.

A Truly Dreamy Kitchen
The kitchen is the result of the collaboration between a homeowner with a dream and a contractor who knows how to fulfill it. "Woodward Kitchen & Bath (251-3865) made my dream a reality," says the homeowner. "I especially love the walnut-topped island and the glass-view cabinetry."

Rustic Wood Accents
A vintage-inspired serving piece cleverly corrals serving necessities, keeping the space organized in style.

Storage to Spare
Look. At. All. These. Drawers! Woodward Kitchen & Bath's cabinetry work provided the homeowner with all the space she desires.

Texture to Spare
The tufted backboard props up plenty of stripes, florals and nubbed textures, a softening contrast to the modern orbed lamp beside.

Tranquil Places for Rest & Rejuvenation
It can be tempting to over design a space, but if there were ever a place to exercise restraint, it should be in the bedroom. This distraction-free zone is filled with simple necessities of aesthetically-pleasing design, and nothing more. We're ready for a nap.

Delicate Details
Pretty pops of happy color stand out against delicate detail work on the matching bedside tables, adding just a hint of whimsy to the calming space.
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