Santa Clarita Oasis
July, 2017 - Issue #154

What we Love
Natural Rock

The vast majority of Santa Clarita homes are "new" - we're a relatively young community. So, when it's time to add a touch of timelessness, it's smart to go with material that has been around since the dinosaurs! The temptation is often to opt for faux materials, but as you can see here - there's no better alternative to natural stone.

Smart Indoor/Outdoor Entertainment Accessories
Don't want to risk your best serveware to the harsh rays of the SCV sun? You don't have to when you select sturdy iron pieces and serveware that fuse style with dependability. The melamine plates were selected from Ma Maison.

What we Love
Organic Bar Tops

When you embrace the natural lines of organic materials, beautiful things happen. Case in point: This rounded, beveled bartop with curves that rival a swimsuit model's. The curvature of the piece relaxes an otherwise well-squared corner of the home's luxe outdoor kitchen. The handpainted and glazed ceramic pitcher and pot were selected from Refined Vintage Boutique (505-7175), as were the perpetually-pretty silk hydrangeas.

Dual-purpose Decor
We're big fans of "pretty," but when attractive ambiance pieces can also serve a purpose, we're doubly pleased. Take this white ceramic set from Ma Maison (799-7983) for example. From platter to sauce dispenser, each piece is "pretty" perfection - and they also make serving up an al fresco meal a pleasant task. The wired basket and display terrarium, selected from Refined Vintage Boutique (505-7175), are also an equal mix of pretty and purposeful.


Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce

• 2 Cups Honey
• 1 6-ounce Can Tomato Paste
• 1/2 Cup Dark Brown Sugar
• 1/4 Cup Jerk Seasoning
• 2 Ounces Bourbon
• 2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard
• 1 1/2 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
• 1/2 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
• 1/4 Teaspoon Tabasco Sauce

Mix all ingredients in non-reactive bowl and let stand at room temperature for 60 minutes or store for later use, in airtight container, in the refrigerator. Use within three days and stir before serving.
Recipe adapted from


What we Love
Balanced Design Elements

This Santa Clarita park-like yard is perfectly proportioned, with a refined balance of texture, height, color and dimension. The thoughtful placement and combination allows the eye to dance over the scape, stimulating a sense of calm and comfort within the beholder. Even the focal point - the shimmering turquoise pool - doesn't fight for attention among the impressive rock waterfall, stately palms, stunning stamped concrete and lavender wisteria.

A Tree with Real Heart
Yes, those tree branches resemble a heart - and no, it was not trimmed that way! Literally: Home is where the heart is.

Market Lighting
A string of market or "carnival" lighting adds a touch of whimsy and joyous illumination to the refined space.

What we Love
Natural Privacy

The refrain, "Good fences make good neighbors" has a fair amount of truth to it, but when your outdoor space is this magnificant, a fence can be an eyesore. Here, a simple metal rail serves as a property divider while trees and bushes do the hard work of visually deliniating the space between the yard and the tennis court and adding an element of privacy.

Shapes that Recall Nature's Gifts
You might have what we in the SCV call a "cookie cutter" house - but that doesn't mean you need a cookie-cutter yard. By working with the natural flow of the outdoor living space, including the dramatic slope immediately behind, the exquisite irregularity of nature is embraced in the form of an in-ground Jacuzzi that is reminiscent in shape of a natural hotspring.

What we Love
Vine-Covered Gates

If there's something more magical than a flora-draped iron gate, don't tell us - because we'll be too busy trying to see what's on the other side! We can't get enough of this lush look.

Bountiful Beauty
This home exudes a sense of abundance, which can be attributed to the bountiful landscaping choices made by the designer. There is no empty space between bushes, no vast swaths of space lacking texture or design. The fullness of the space conveys a feeling of timelessness.

A Sense of Permanence
What do you think when you see a tall tree? Probably, at the least: "Wow, that tree must have been here for a long time!" And, while most of us don't want our homes to look "old," we do want them to appear established - a permanent fixture in our neighborhood and community. By planting more-mature landscaping selections, you give your yard - and home - a look that says, "We're here for good!"
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