The most Pinterest-worthy Home in Valencia
March, 2016 - Issue #137
I'll admit it - I'm a Pinterest addict. I gain great joy searching the site for ideas on how to improve my home, my parties, my parenting. I have recipe boards and fitness boards. In fact, I spend so much time on Pinterest, I find myself looking at real-world situations as "Pinterest worthy." That great outfit on the mannequin at the mall? Pinterest worthy. The inspirational quote in the book I'm reading? Pinterest worthy.

But until now, I've never considered a local home Pinterest worthy... and then I saw this traditional-eclectic French-inspired cottage-feeling beauty in Valencia. Truly, every corner of every space is deserving of re-pins galore! Here are the spaces I can't get enough of.

Where Family Gathers
The homeowner's family room is where she, her husband and three young children chat, watch television, play games and talk with friends. Intentionally "unfinished looking," the space was painted entirely white to bring all the divergent elements together with one palate. The wood paneling and painted brick were selected to make this tract home feel like a custom, cozy space; elements like an overstuffed slipcovered chair and ottoman invite guests and residents alike to kick up their feet and stay awhile. The homeowner's goal of cultivating a space that is warm, cozy and family friendly is more than fulfilled. "I don't want this to feel like a place that is decorated. Our house is the heart of our family and where we spend most of our time. I want our kids to feel their hearts here - and everyone who enters to feel at home," she explains. It's easy to feel the love in a space where the sentiment literally glows next to the fireplace; this sign was handmade by the homeowner.

The Heart of the Home
The kitchen is where homework is done, cookies are rolled and meals are shared under the illumination of handmade book-paper accents that customize the chandelier without blocking the view. Crystal covers were chosen for the light bulbs on the statement chandelier to soften the piece and make it look less modern.

The marble-topped illuminated island, designed to be reminiscent of a bakery, takes center stage in the space. The homeowner places cake stands in the glass cabinet for both convenient out-of-the-way storage and sweet display. The theme continues on the floor, where cement tiles inspired by European cafes add excitement and durable character to the kitchen.

Off-black cabinets contrast gorgeously with the glazed-brick backsplash and white marble countertops. Pastry chefs swear by the material! The other thing that cooks in the kitchen: romance! The homeowner's husband gifted a neon "I Love You" sign to her on Mother's Day. The sentiment is permanently aglow in his handwriting; a neon artist custom created the gift. The present represents the homeowner's goal to "not just buy things to fill the house, but to use items that have meaning." Personal stories are behind many of the home's most prominent pieces. Here's another: Ever coveted those large, lovely trash cans at Disneyland? You weren't the only one! The homeowner needed an over-sized can and, after some Nancy Drew-esque research, found Disneyland's manufacturer and ordered one of her own.

Kid-friendly Touches
With the goal of making a home as welcoming to children as to adults, the homeowner added smart family-friendly accents throughout. Take the whimsical swing installed downstairs; children of all ages use it daily.

Another smart revision: A Dutch door was installed between the kitchen and the backyard so that the homeowner could keep an eye on her children while they play and swim in the yard. The Dutch door allows for interaction - handing a child a popsicle, grabbing a wet towel - without having to manage wet and dirty toes running back and forth.

ABOVE Crown moulding makes these spaces feel not only more custom, but more cozy - a goal of the homeowner. This affordable home improvement can be accomplished easily with a call to Hahnco (810-3832), a locally-owned and operated company. Owner Eric Hahn is giving 10 percent discounts on wainscot, crown, case mouldings, baseboards, painting and cabinetry.

A Touch of Elegance
The home's formal dining room boasts a gold coffered ceiling to give it a leafed affect; the metallic balances beautifully with the blue-grey walls. The homeowner chose a metallic to make the space feel instantly fancier and special. "I wanted it to glow!" she says. Also gleaming: The white-gloss piano is where the homeowner's three children practice their music lessons. The home's open floorplan means that Mom can hear - and see - the twinkling of the keys from almost anywhere downstairs. She says, "Everything is for everyone to enjoy. Everything was selected with intention - it all gets used." How many of us with grand pianos can say that?

Love is in the Details
It would take days to truly appreciate every thoughtful detail in this eclectic home. Take, for example, the small nook by the stair landing. The space is just large enough for a pedestal table and interest pieces. There's so much dimension and texture in this small space that otherwise would go unused, or - worse - would gather clutter. And the bold striped entryway wall that was painted with gold to pull the area together with the gilded dining space is brilliant! This accent wall absolutely helps with the flow of the house, uniting the rooms with a distinguished flow. The vertical stripes also visually encourage guests to move forward into the space.

Pretty Neat for a Little Girl
One of the home's sweetest spaces was created for the homeowner's darling 5-year-old daughter. In her room, a French-inspired tapestry holds court behind the simply-adorned bed while pendant chandeliers illuminate the space. The bedspread has the body of a ballerina on it so that when the little one is snuggled up at night, she "looks" like a prima ballerina! The bedroom's whimsical reading area continues with the European theme.
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