2018 Resolutions for your Home
January, 2018 - Issue #160
Resolve to Sleep more Soundly
Tension melts away with A Royal Suite's Adjustable Bed, an adjustable zero-gravity bed with a built-in massage feature. Use the programmable remote control or the Apple or Android apps to control the bed's position and massage functions. This bed includes pillow tilt adjustment, head and foot articulation and whole-body tilt controls. There's also under-bed lighting, a child-lock feature and a convenient remote holder. Use the sleep timer and gentle-wake alarm to wake up at your best. The zero-gravity position elevates your feet to increase blood circulation while easing stress and tending to soreness. Some customers even report that this bed can stop snoring! A 4-port USB hub is located on each side of the bed and the advanced MicroHook system holds your mattress in place with no need for unsightly metal bars.
A Royal Suite 259-7000

courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock
Resolve to Start Fresh with New Paint
Nothing says "fresh start" like a fresh coat of interior or exterior paint. In addition to revitalizing the look and feel of a home, new paint also offers a layer of invaluable protection that will increase the overall marketability and value of the property. Professional color consultants are ready to help you choose the perfect paint colors to enhance curb appeal, bring new life to the interior or even paint older kitchen cabinets.
ALLBRiGHT 846-2928

Resolve to put a Bounce Back in your Step
Old padding feels flat and harbors microbes while compromising the appearance of the carpet it supports. Brent's Carpet One is the only store in Santa Clarita that sells Duet from FXI, a padding that feels as fantastic as its warranty. It is guaranteed to never flatten for the lifetime of the home, all while its antimicrobial treatments repel microbes. It also contains MagicFresh, an odor-eating compound that will ensure your home smells better than ever. Get the best flooring technology, installation and service.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock
Resolve to be Great to your Granite
Over time, your once-beautiful granite counters lose their shine and brilliance. When this happens, don't replace them - revitalize them with Chem-Dry's Granite Renewal Process. First, they clean and scrub your counters with special cleaning pads and Chem-Dry's proprietary granite renewal solution. Next, expert technicians use residue remover to lift and clean the years of built up residue off your granite to reveal its original color. A countertop sealer is then applied, penetrating deep into your granite to seal and protect your newly-clean countertops. The sealer only stays wet for about five minutes, so your countertops are ready to use again in no time. Finally, they polish your countertops to restore their original shine and luster.
Chem Dry Healthy Choice 430-0699

photo: Currey and Company
photo: Currey and Company
Resolve to Keep your Home Looking Young & Healthy
Nine out of 10 times, one of the biggest "misses" in homes is good lighting. Well-lighted rooms have ambient, task and accent lighting. Think about light coming from your ceiling or walls with recessed fixtures and chandeliers and wall sconces that give overall light to the space. Task lighting makes sure you can actually see that book you're reading or the puzzle you and your family are huddled around. Think of lamps, floor lamps, reading lamps, pendants and other directed-light sources that light up the area where you need to work. Accent lighting adds the drama. Add recessed art lights, up lights (These look great in plants and corners!), bookcase lamps and cabinet lighting. While older homes in Santa Clarita tend to lack any recessed lighting, many of the newer homes go overboard. The trend in interiors today has moved away from recessed fixtures as ambient room lighting to ceiling-mounted fixtures that add style and personality to your home.
MIX by RJI 678-0034

courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock
Resolve to Replace Old Sliders with French Doors
Tired of the wobbly old sliding-glass door that leaks? It's time for it to go! Boost your property value by replacing it with more-attractive French doors. Todays' super energy-efficient models will keep your bills down while boosting your curb appeal.
Mike's Windows & Doors, Inc. 296-9195
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