An Affordable Luxury that You'll Love for a Lifetime
July, 2014 - Issue #117
I'll admit it. I was one of those homeowners who had convinced herself that the only kitchen remodel that would fit in my budget was one that involved a big-box warehouse and me coming to terms with my makeover dreams being dashed against the rocks of despair.

It must have been fate to be assigned a story on Surfaces USA right as I was about to sign on the big-box dotted line.

I'm thrilled I didn't, and here's why: The difference between my "I like it" big-box kitchen and my "I want to do nothing but stare at the beauty and grandeur that is this room" kitchen ended up being less than $1 a square foot.
Yup. I was about to live with "like" - not to mention lower quality, a reduced resale value and 100 percent less certifiable "wow factor" - for a few quarters difference.

How did it come to pass that my champagne taste on a sparkling-white budget was fulfilled after one visit to Surfaces USA? In a word: Jennifer. (And the fact that Surfaces is a direct world-wide importer that sells wholesale to the public helped a bunch, too!).

Jennifer Brown is Surfaces USA's in-house interior designer at the Castaic location - and she's amazing. I walked into Surfaces USA unannounced and left with a plan on how to make my remodel a reality. She identified my tastes, worked within my budget and provided priceless advice on how to incorporate the more extravagant "dream materials" into my space in a way I could afford.

What I quickly noticed in my chat with Jennifer is that I don't have a degree in interior design. This should have been obvious to me earlier, based entirely on the fact that I have never attended even a single class on the subject, but my copious amount of Pinterest pins and ability to recite quotes from decor-themed blogs lulled me into thinking that I really knew what I was doing - and what was available.

But after the second or third time I heard, "That's a great idea! You know, you could get the same look with a more durable material, and spend about $2 less a square foot, if you went with this instead..." I was even more appreciative for the Surfaces USA experience.

We talked about financing options, about whether I wanted to use my contractor or have the Surfaces USA pros do the work and how much she loves saving clients money. "We know our products so well, and there's so much variety, that we really can create a mouth-dropping space for not much more than you'd pay for something very basic. With a higher level of expertise comes the ability to make a big visual impact without a big pricetag," says Jennifer.

She wasn't kidding. My quote wasn't much more than the one I got from the box store, and I am more confident that Surfaces USA's reputation for "honest quotes and honest pricing" means that this is what I'd really pay. After I workout financing options, the difference I'll spend is less than I drop at Starbucks each month, and I'll have my "dream" kitchen - the one I'll love, the one I won't be able to wait to show off, the one I'll be happy to live with for years - and that's dreamy to me!

What's Different
Natural, timeless beauty can be found in spades at the Surfaces USA showroom. Everything you need for your floors, walls, countertops and backsplashes is within reach, making indoor- and outdoor-living home improvements easy to accomplish - and spectacular to behold.
Surfaces USA is synonymous with selection and quality; opportunities for true customization abound and everything sold here is made to last a lifetime.

If you've only visited big-box home improvement store "showrooms," you're in for a very pleasant surprise. At Surfaces USA, you'll find:

• A distinctive slab collection of crystalline stone, recycled glass, quartzite, Calacatta marble, granite, onyx and limestone

• Options that are polished, honed, flamed, tumbled, bush hammered and saw cut

• Plank tiles made of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain

• The classic Bergammo collection of glass, metal and natural-stone mosaics

• Exclusive curated collections from Italy, Spain and the Far East

Love DIY?
If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you already know the value of partnering with businesses that provide excellent products and superior customer service. YouTube tutorials can only get you so far, and that's when working with the pros at Surfaces USA can close the gap to make your DIY experience better than A-Ok. Their selection can't be beat - and the advice is free.

The Catalog Every Homeowner should Have
Newly released and chock-full of inspiration, Surfaces USA's complete catalog of surfaces, stone and natural design is sure to become the go-to source for homeowners craving affordable luxury. You can download the catalog at the Surfaces USA website ( or visit the store to pick up a printed edition.

5 Locations to Serve You
Castaic 30629 The Old Road 661.775.9404
North Hollywood 11501 Hart Street 818.765.2550
Anaheim 1301 S. State College 714.635.0219
Oxnard 380 S. Lombard Street 805.604.1568
San Diego 6330 Miramar Road 858.457.1352
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